A Man Wanted his Woman to Accept his Side-chick

A woman reported that her 49-year-old man disrespected her to the highest level when he asked her to share their home with a woman he claims he had been seeing for the past 7 months. 

“Before he left to go to work, he told me that he had someone he wanted to introduce me to and he will be bringing the person home when he finished working.” She said that automatically, she thought that he was talking about a friend or family member who probably came in from overseas. Apparently, he was famous for playing good Samaritan.

“I know that he is a show off so I cam home early from work so that I could tidy up the house and prepare a good meal. While I was on the couch watching Tv, I heard his car pulled up so I peeped out of the window to get a glimpse of who it was.”

The woman reported that the person that came out of the car looked young enough to be her man’s daughter.  “My heart started to race when I saw him hold her hand. My first thought was that he probably found out about her so he brought her home for me to meet,” said the woman. However, her thoughts were cleared up when she saw her close up. “She looked as though she was in her mid 20’s. After he told me her name, he insisted that we eat dinner.” 

According to the woman, almost 15 minutes had past and her man did not mention anything else related to the woman who was eating her food. “You wa see the two of them laughing and carrying on with each other. It was as if I didn’t exist.” She said that after a while she got so upset that she shouted out “So you na tell me who and where this woman come from?”

They immediately went quiet. The woman reported that her man signaled the woman to come and stand beside him, held her by her waist. He then looked at his Girlfriend and told her that he had been seeing her for the past 7 months and he would love for her to be apart of their family.

” I never laugh so hard in my life. I don’t know if he meant that wanted to adopt her or tie her in the backyard with the rest of the dogs but I know after 11 years of stretching all parts of my body for this man, he didn’t just look me in my eyes and ask me to accept another woman. Not fogetting the fact that he just admitted that he has been seeing her for 7 months behind of my back.

She said that when the thought finally sink in that he was actually serious, she started throwing everything she could get her hands on at the both of them. “11 years and he can’t put a ring on my finger or a baby in my stomach but he has the nerve to ask me to accept another woman!”

The woman reported that when he realized that she had no intentions of cooling down he said to her “please don’t put me in a position where I have to choose.” 

“All I can remember was picking up a knife and charging after him. I remember he pushed me and I fell and hit my head. By the time I caught myself, they had already left the house”  Apparently since the incident she hasn’t seen or heard from him. She said that a reliable source told her that he is staying at some hotel with the woman.

Out of curiosity, MUB asked the woman what i she going to do about the situation? She replied, “my mother once told me that old dogs always find their way back home.”