After 3 Years, He Picked Another Woman

Dear MUB,

I‘ve been fucking around with this man for almost 3 years now. It was nothing serious but I actually fell for his sorry ass and found my self in love with him. He has never given me a dollar or anything because he’s always complaining that things weren’t going his way but I never made a fuss because my mom always said to never count on a man dollar always be independent.

I would buy food, take him out and so on. However, a few months ago, we fell out and he just stop talking to me. One day I decided to message him because my stupid ass loves the f#$king nigga. We started talking back and what not. Out of the blue this man told me that he has a woman now.

MUB, I was hurt no f##k because when he had nothing, I was there for him and now he paid off all his loans and things high for him, he cutting style with me. He started telling me that I can’t call him certain times. He doesn’t even want me to come by the house. Saying oh how he loves the woman. Mub, so what was wrong with me? Is it because I’m a foreigner and majority of us foreigner does look for man that can give us something?

I cooked food for the man once and because I ask him if he’s going to bring me to work, he went on stupid and left the food there spoil. I had to curse him off and let him know that he’s ungrateful. Once again, I played boo boo the fool and went back and cooked food for him again. This time, he went with it and in less than 24hrs he called my phone asking me why I going around telling people that I’m his woman and I cooking food for him. He went on and on until he eventually told me to f##k off and don’t call back his phone.

MUB, I’ve never said a word to anyone. I honestly believe that he was looking for a reason to end things between us or when he drop sleep, the woman used his fingerprint and went into his phone and just assume I say something. MUB, this might sound bad but I want the woman to leave his sorry ass and let him wonder in his modda ass.

Mr MUB, I swear I’m a stupid f##king for  staying with him and take his f##kery. I have an attitude and I run f##k up jokes but Mr should see who really there for him. I can’t believe he did that to me. I really feel it. F##k love! I done with that shit!