Dear MUB,

I have been with this guy for the past 8 years and like any other relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs. MUB, I’m not going to lie, when I say I love this man, I did love him.

During the 8 years, we broke up and got back together. Within that time frame that we broke up, I’ve dated 2 guys but I ended up going back to him. Every time we fell out it would be because I get tired of him not acting right.

Mub I got tired of the childish games and I just wanted to settle down because  I’m not getting any younger and my mind frame is different from a few years back.

I’m 30 and this guy is 39 but for some reason, he acts like he’s not used to anything or he doesn’t have enough experience with women meaning cause it seems as though he wants to sex everything that has a split between its legs.

I would be home every single night waiting on this man to come by me and his excuses were he fell asleep or he would show up at 3 am and 4 am. I’m not a bad looking person or a worthless young lady. I have a great personality and a good heart.

I live alone so it’s not like my space would be crowded so he would feel uncomfortable coming around but this man would leave me to feel lonely. There were times when I wanted sex and can’t get because this man out there dissing me for some random pussy. There would be nights when I stay up crying asking myself why am I  waiting on him when I know I can do better but when you love someone, it’s not that easy to do.

A year ago when en we broke up, he began seeing this woman and eventually we got back together. MUB, she knew we were together and we had a run in which I went to him at a party but he was the one who took her. She saw when he came to me and this woman came out and started a whole scene. Cursing up and acting like a kid when she’s a grown 40 add yrs old woman.

She started saying that she doesn’t want any man for herself as long as he came when she wanted him.

He breeds her and she got rid of the child. We decided that we were going to work on us and make things right. A few weeks later, he breeds the said person again and was keeping it from me.

Eventually, I found out about the pregnancy. When I asked him about it, he kept denying it. Ok, fine I still stock around because my dumb ass was blind and was so in love with this man. After trying again he began dealing with not one but few other ladies in between and I found out about them.

A few months later the child came premature and died eventually due to complications. MUB, can you believe this man came to me a day asking “why I killed the baby?” I never felt so lost for words and disgusted after he came to me with that.

She went all out trying to hold him but karma is a bitch and God doesn’t do his work and spoil it. I guess she wasn’t studying about all that night she was ranting over someone else’s man and now she’s stressed out and run down.

Now I’ve gathered the strength to let this man go and he realized how serious I am he keeps begging for me to take him back and saying he’s going to change. When I wanted to settle down, he never wanted to. When I wanted him to move in, he never wanted to. When I want him to be the man that he was supposed to be, he never wanted to.

But now that I’m finally over him, he wants to do all these things and more. Not a day goes by without him trying to make things right or him saying he’s going to change.

I know ur viewers can be a bit harsh but I’m willing to hear you and your viewer’s advice.

Oh and he’s always reading the stories so I’m sure he will see it and might have something to say.