Antigua Classics Episode 1: Bf Puts Gf Outfit In Bleach Water (Response)

Dear MUB,

A friend of mine who knows about the situation surrounding the dress sent me the story saying that she can’t believe my woman so lie. I really don’t know what was her purpose for coming on your platform with a bag of lies, playing victim and trying to me look like a bi##h but I’ll tell you what actually happened.

The only part of her story that is true is the fact that we talk about and agree to which events we go together but it’s not as concrete as she made it seem. I want to know how the hell I became the reason why she couldn’t come to DDF when she was scheduled to work that day. She wanted to call in sick so she could go and I told her not to do it because a lot of people go to DDF and she might get caught on camera. Am I wrong for encouraging my woman to do the right thing?

Now about the message that I saw. Smfh, this girl is what you call a raw liar. MUB, there was more to the message than “babe sup.” I was watching a video on her phone when the message came in. The message said, “babe sup did the dress fit?” First thing, the number wasn’t save in her phone and when I asked her who’s that asking her about dress she said it was one of her girlfriends. She lie nf. MUB, when she tell me how much the dress cost I figured something was wrong because this gyal ya na like spend she own money. No way she was going to buy a dress for $200+ dollars and she couldn’t have asked me for money to buy a dress because I gave her $600 dollars earlier in the month to help insure her vehicle.

I really didn’t want to believe that fu me woman a beg man money or hab man a buy things for she but me na tek no chance so I told her to call the “girlfriend” for me. MUB, you know the gyal start up a call me insecure and turn the thing on me. Ma na say nothing, I sent the number to one of my female friends and tell her to message the person and try and find out who it is for me. It took her a while but you know how some man chupit. She was able to find out who it was and where he work and so.

I messaged her one time and you know the gyal still deny knowing the person. Instead she own up, all she can talk about is me acting like a bit##h and investigating number. MUB, me get so bex that I went home during my lunch break and put the dress in some bleach water and just left um in the machine for she.

All she had to do was tell me the truth and we could have worked things out from there but no she too lie and dangerous. Talking about buy back dress or she go left me. MUB, na mek she fool you. I already kicked her out of my place. This is not the first time she pulling a stunt like this. Her eyes them too shiny for me. She can go live with the man that bought the dress and ticket for her to go Antigua Classics.