Dear MUB,

Me so bex right now that ma dead serious when ma say that I’m reconsidering remaining in a relationship with this bad-minded a##hole. From the time I denied my boyfriend’s request to attend Antigua Classics, I realize that he has an attitude with me.

MUB, tell me if this fair. We have this thing where we decide in advance which events we go together and which events we go to with our friends (bare in mind that he was the one that came up with this grand idea) I wanted to go to DDF but he made his claim since last year that he will be going with his boys. MUB, ma na go lie me min wa fu go bad so I begged him but he reminded me that we came to the aggreement that he will go to DDF with his boys, I will go to Antigua Classics with my girls and we will both go to Sea Grapes.

Now he done go DFF and enjoy himself,  he wa fu come try switch up things saying  we should  Antigua Classics together and I can go Sea Grapes with my girls because he has this sell off outfit that he wants to rock. I told him NO!  He can save the outfit and rock it at Sea Grapes! He didn’t say anything but it was obvious that he was upset because for the rest of the day he was finding all kind of little things to make argument about. All of a sudden men messaging me “babe” became a big issue.

He saw a message come in saying “babe sup” and tried to start an argument saying  if that’s the man that I want to go Antigua Classics with why I don’t want him to come. I just ignored his a$$ and let him run his mouth.

Now, this afternoon when I came home from work and was looking for my dress to see if the earrings I bought match how I want it to and my dress no where to be found. MUB, I just had a feeling that he took up my dress because he did it once before so I called his a$$ right away. This man swear that he never touched my dress. I turned the house upside down and the dress was still no where to be found. Awtfyt! When I looked in the washing machine, there was my yellow dress that I spent $200+ dollars on, soaking in some bleach water!

MUB, ma cry. I know the bastard was the one that did it. When he came home he tried to convince me that I’m the one that put the dress in the washing machine to soak in beach water like I’m some fool. I don’t know what childishness that was but if he don’t get me something to wear, I am going to leave him and I’m dead serious. He came up with his selected events BS and just because I don’t want his big foot a$$ behind me , he directly put my dress in bleach water. Right now I hate the man see.