Antigua Kip man Association Merchandise Creates Havoc

Popular Music artist and the President of the Antigua & Barbuda Kip Man association is asked to please let the public (especially insecure men) know that the slogan “Proud Kip man/Proud kip woman is not to be taken seriously.

MUB, right now I am beyond upset with my man. I will not be feeding, interacting or letting him between my legs until he buy back ma subben. He took his insecure bull shit to a whole new level over a stupid shirt.

A few weeks back, you posted a picture of the AKA president wearing a proud kip man hat. I sent the picture in our girl’s group and we agreed that we would all get the shirt so that we could wear them to go out for our friend’s birthday. MUB, not one of us have a kip man, well as far as I know. Our intention was to wear the shirts and take pictures so we could laugh about them in the future.

MUB, Saturday night, I ironed my shirt and left it on the bed before I went by my cousin. While I was by my cousin, my man called me and asked me what the hell am I doing with a “proud kip woman” shirt?  I tried to explain to him that the girls and I planned to wear them tonight. He told me that he doesn’t care what I have planned, I will not be leaving the house with that shirt so he will find another shirt for me and Iron it. I try to let him know that it wasn’t that serious but all he could say was he’s not going to allow me to disrespect him or make anyone laugh at him.

MUB, I left from by my cousin and went home to try and knock some sense into this man’s head. When I went into the room, I saw that he had replaced the shirt so I asked him where did he put my “proud kip woman” shirt. He told me that he threw it in the rubbish. MUB, when I looked in the bin the shirt was well cut up into pieces. When I asked him why did he do that he told me that I must learn to have respect and I can’t be in a relationship and be walking around with that message.

MUB, I tried to contact the AKA president to get a next one but they were sold out. I sent a picture of what my man did in our girl’s group and everyone was saying that he is petty. Their man saw their shirts and they made fun about it but no, not my man! He had to be the MVA (most valuable asshole).

MUB, I got so upset that I went  for a scissors and started cutting up everything I could get my hands on for him. When he took away the scissors from me, I went for the bleach in the washroom and started to bleach down his clothes. All now the room still smells stick of bleach. MUB, I told him unless he buys back my Proud Kipwoman shirt and gets me a hat for the shit he did. There will be no more cooking, cleaning or sex and I am dead serious.

If you know that you have a Jealous or Insecure man/woman, these merchandises are not for you. However, for those of you who are interested in getting one please contact the Antigua Kip man Association.