I am a constant reader of MUB and I will be the first male to admit that men are bad, but I must say women are the worst. My baby mother left the island a few months ago to go to her home country for medical attention.

Although we are not together, I made it my duty to be there for our kids. This young lady is a work of art. She’s on Whatsapp 24/7 and never have time for her children. She doesn’t call and whenever I call her on their behalf, she is always on a call.

Our children don’t miss her one bit. They don’t even ask about her and to be honest I think their lives would be better with her not in it.

My advice to you young men out there is, be careful who you make children with. A bad baby mother has the potential to spoil your children lives and the generations to come.

Fro Fest Goes down This Saturday. This is an event you don’t want to miss!!!