BEACH & BAR: Her Ex Boyfriend Is A Stalker


Ar wa kind of weird man ar grow in this country boss. All now I’m still freaked out. I went to Beach & Bar with ma boy and I saw this girl I use to vibez lang time but for some reason, we stopped talking. I had her on WhatsApp so I sent her a little message.

She replied and we talked for a bit and then she eventually came and stood by me and we vibez for the rest of the night. I don’t know if the alcohol got to her head or something but out of the blue she told me that is long time she beef na get cook and she’s in the mood for some hot steel. Boi mub, ma na go lie, is lang time I wa ben up this gyal but before I told her yes, I asked her if she was single cause mi na lub headache.

She said that she left her man about 2 months ago and start up with some long story. Mub, all mi min wa fu hear is she na hab no man so mi just the conversation short. Ma tell ma boy what’s up and I left with her. She said that she wanted to go skinny dipping so we went to a beach nearby.

Big boss, me in dey a dagger no wa. I don’t know if it was the salt water or if it’s because she na get it in a while but the cattle mi chain down tight. Mub, just when I was about to bus one nut, me look up and see a man standing up watching us. Mi nearly shit ma self. Mi pull out one time and asked if she see the person. MUB, awtfyt, the gyal tell me fu put it back in and na bother with him. He will leave in a few. Wtf…

The gyal tell me ar she ex. Mub, what kind of sick f#$k is that? She an all just get me upset because she know the man dey all the time and didn’t say anything to me. Mi try keep away from her but she just ar edge up pan me and a beg mi fu put it back in and the man right dey a tan up.

MUB, when you hear the freakshow left, mi drop she dey she yard and mek she know mi na about them life dey. She ar call me punk and what not but mi na give a f#$k. I thought my nightmares were over but this morning I came out and saw this note on my car

Mub, ma hope this man ar one of your followers cause me ar na no bad man check. So, he need fu know that I asked her if she was single and she said yes. Mi na hab nothing else fu do with she so he need fu tap with this stalking shit.