Best “Friend” = Pregnant

Dear MUB,

November would make it 2 years I’ve been with my boyfriend and for the first 6 months, everything was great. We would have date nights and dinner, the sex was great everything was just perfect. However, it seems like the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever. Suddenly, everything went to shit! We started arguing over the smallest and most foolish things but we would always make back up with some great mind-blowing sex. Nothing would ever get solved because we wouldn’t talk about it, it was just sex, sex, and more sex.

When we first started dating I told him about my best friends (1 girl and 2 boys who live away) and he told me he just had one best friend (boy) fine. After about month 7 of the relationship, I started to hear about a female best friend which I found strange because he never mentioned her in the beginning. Okay fine! I accepted it (what an ass I was for that). We would all go out; me my boyfriend, his male best friend and his girlfriend and the female best friend and her boyfriend.

Eventually, it started becoming a thing where it was just him and his best friends (both male and female) which I didn’t have a problem with because best friends do best friend things together but in a short space of time, it was just him and her going places alone. I found it strange but I didn’t say anything at all about it.

The night of our first anniversary, we went to dinner and his phone kept ringing but he wouldn’t answer it which I found very weird. I saw the caller ID which said F BESTFRIEND. I told him to answer because it seemed like she really needed to talk to him but he kept saying he’ll call her back later, I said okay.

The next day I got a phone call saying that the same female best friend was pregnant (which I heard from a friend of mines who knows her). I called and told my bf that I heard his female best friend is pregnant and he told me that was the reason why she was calling him last night. I found it strange that she was calling him after 10 to tell him that she’s pregnant, why couldn’t she wait until the next day to do so?  Red flags were going off in my head but I didn’t say anything about it.

One night I went by him and I heard him in the kitchen on the phone so I stayed outside and listened. He had her on speakerphone, these were her exact words ” WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO TELL YOUR GIRLFRIEND THAT YOU MIGHT BE THE FATHER OF MY BABY?” MUB, I got so mad that I stormed into the house and asked him straight out if he had sex with his best friend. He quickly hung up the phone on her and said NO. I asked him if he could be the father of his best friend’s baby and he said NO. This nigga was lying right in front of my face. I got so mad that I left and we didn’t talk for a month.

After about 3 months, he finally came clean and told me that he had sex with her on multiple occasions and there’s a strong possibility that he is the father of her baby. MUB I got so pissed that he lied to me for so long and only now coming clean after I asking him repeatedly and he denied it over and over and over again. I left his house in so much anger that I called a male friend of mines and started to vent to him.

He told me to park my car by the old transport board and he would come for me so we can talk further, I said okay. We went driving and ended up at a bar and I started to drink until I got drunk and we ended up having sex that night. MUB, it was a drunken mistake and I told him that it could never happen again because he has a wife and 3 children and he agreed.

One afternoon I was at work and extremely hungry. I got a phone call and it was my married friend. I answered and he asked me if I was hungry. I told him yes and he said he was outside my workplace and to come so we can go to lunch and have a talk. I agreed and we went to lunch. We started talking and he told me that he wants us to continue having sex because he enjoyed it. He said it was great and that he doesn’t have sex like that with his wife. Every time he would ask her for sex, she would always say no and she’s not in the mood. I agreed to this and we had sex that afternoon and evening and up to this day, we have been having sex almost every day.

MUB, I found out that I’m 8 weeks pregnant and I know it belongs to the married guy. I called him on Wednesday and told him I’m pregnant. Surprisingly, he’s happy and wants me to keep it.

I’m just trying to figure out how to tell my boyfriend about my pregnancy. He called me yesterday saying that he wants us to talk about his best friend’s baby and the DNA test that they took. I think I should come clean to my boyfriend but I have no idea how he’s going to react to this entire situation.