Young couple watching TV from bed

Dear MUB,

As I am writing this to you, I’m crying. I’ve been with this guy for about a year now. I left a toxic relationship with my first to be with him. Knowing the kind of treatment I used to receive, I told him straight up if he knows he’s not serious about me, leave me alone. I gave him more than one chance to leave but he insisted.

MUB, a night he opened up to me and told me about things females did to him in the past and how much he got knuckled. From then on I swore I would show him that not all women are bad and somebody can love him. When he wasn’t working, I provided for him. He didn’t have to tell me that he’s hungry or wanted something more than once. Not even little sex he had to beg for because even when it’s that time of the month, my mouth would take care of business.

MUB, after everything I did for this guy, can you imagine I called him a day and he didn’t answer. Something deep inside told me to go by him. When I got there, brother man posed up in his bed with another woman watching Fifty Shades of Grey. MUB, me nar lie me charge after he see and the girl a bawl bout she never knew he had a woman.

Ayeee  God alone know I wanted to kill him right there. He tried to hold me saying he sorry but I just left. I felt so down that  I just couldn’t eat for days. He came to see me bawling that he misses me and he didn’t mean to hurt me but it’s hard for him to adjust to one woman because of what he has been through.

MUB, I really love this man. I am a better person when I am with him and I believe in him but I don’t know if I can trust him to try again.

If he knew he wasn’t ready then he should have left me alone. MUB, nothing hurts more than getting knuckle. Should I give him a second chance?