Birthday Cake Caused Girlfriend to Overreact

A Young man reported that his birthday celebration took a turn for the worse when his ignorant and jealous girlfriend decided to get all up in her feelings.
“It was my birthday and my friend strategically decided to celebrate it at his restaurant so that he could get some sales.” The young man noted that he wasn’t really up for it because he’s not really a birthday person. However, he allowed him to do it anyways.”
According to the young man, everything was going “nice” and everyone was supporting his friend’s business. He described the atmosphere as mellow. “My girlfriend bought me this wicked cake that swelled my head and placed it on a table. A little later, this French girl that usually hangs out at my friend’s restaurant brought a cake for me as well.” The young man explained that his friend (the owner of the restaurant) was the one who informed the French girl about the party. “I was surprised that she brought me a cake because we weren’t that close. I don’t even know her number and the most we would do is say ‘hey what’s up’ or when we are at the restaurant together, we might engage in a general conversation as a group.”
It was obvious by her facial expressions and other gestures that his girlfriend was not pleased that a woman she was not familiar with had given her man a cake for his birthday. “My crazy girlfriend took it the wrong way and accused me of all sorts of crap.” He said that he ignored her because he wasn’t in the mood to argue. However, things got worse when the French girl wanted to take a picture with him holding her cake. “I didn’t want her to feel bad so I took a few pictures.” He further explained that every picture he took, his girlfriend forced herself in. He also said that during the night, the French girl got ” a bit high” and got friendlier than usual; laughing and smiling in his face.
“At the end of the night, I took the cake my girlfriend brought me home and told my friend to keep the other one because I knew if I took it to the house, it would magically disappear the next morning,” he said.
The young man reported that the following morning his girlfriend started a big argument with him about the birthday cake the French girl gave him. The argument got so intense that in his defense he said to her, “When you bring home your expensive birthday gifts, I don’t harass you. Even though I know you nor your cheap ass friends bought them.”
According to the young man, his plan was to share the birthday cake that he received from the French girl with the people that supported his friend’s business. “I had no intention of eating it,” he said. However, he reported that when his friend opened his business place, his girlfriend snuck in, took the cake out of the refrigerator and dumped it in the garbage.
“I was so pissed when I saw the cake in the garbage.” He said that he spent the whole day on the beach without telling his girlfriend where he was. “She eventually messaged me to let me know that she was hungry but I total ignored her ignorant ass”.