Birthday Girl Spanked & Sent to Bed

Dear MUB,

I’ll, be honest with you and first admit that I use to have anger problems which caused me to slightly abuse my girlfriend in the past. Don’t get the wrong idea. I never actually put my hands on her. Whenever I got upset, I would use one of my work belts and give her a few spanking.

We’ve been together for almost 5 years and last year April was the last time I had to resort to using the belt on her until yesterday evening when she came home from work.

Yesterday was her birthday so I had something special planned for her. I bought her a cake and I made dinner reservations for 2 at a restaurant. However, after paying for the cake, I realized that I didn’t have enough money on me to spend for dinner. MUB, I have a serious spending problem so I no longer own an atm card. So whenever I need money I have no choice but to go into the bank. My plan was to take some money off her card to pay for the dinner and give it back to her the next day.

MUB, as soon as she got home and rest down her working bag, I went searching for her atm card. My plan was to rush to the atm machine and draw off at least $300 dollars which would have been more than enough to cover the dinner.

When I went into her bag to get the card I saw a small gift box. When I took it out, I noticed that there was also a note. The note said, “from AC with Love” and two little hearts. MUB, those weren’t my initials so I opened that shit.

Inside was a watch and another note saying, “later will be greater” with two little hearts.

I knew those words could only mean one thing so I went straight into the bathroom behind her. When I asked her who tf was AC she couldn’t answer. When I showed her the gift and the note she behaved as though she was fooly.

I got so upset and frustrated that I was forced to go for my belt. I tried using it to get an answer out of her but no matter how much I hit her, she refused to tell me who AC was. I eventually got tired and sent her to bed.

MUB, I know AC is the initial for some man and the fact that she couldn’t tell me who it is confirmed my suspicion. I’ve been faithful to her from since the day we decided to get into a serious relationship. I canceled the dinner reservation and threw the cake in the rubbish.

MUB, I’ve smashed the watch into thousands of pieces and one way or another I’m going to find out who AC is. I really love my woman and I’m not going to end my relationship because of a stupid gift. I’m going to get to the bottom of things and weed out the problem.