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Dear MUB,

First of all, he can keep his tinking, dutty apology because none of ma pickney dem na lack or walk pan road and beg nobody for anything and I don’t know why he trying to make it seem like all my children have a different father. Is one man breed me 3 times.

I’m really upset about the way he behaved because he knows that from ever since I started giving him my body, ma pickney dem father start to get on jealous and wa give me a hard time with everything. Just before I hanged up the phone, I explained to him that their father is going on like he on his period so I would really appreciate it if he could watch them for me. He told me no and laughed. MUB, how tf can he now say that he wasn’t serious when he said no if he was laughing like a damn baboon on the phone. Added to that, why he didn’t tell you what he said he wanted to do to my “back door” if he watched about for me? I told him to watch them and I’ll think about it so all that gave me the impression that he was ok pickney sitting for me.

I couldn’t believe the bunch of lies I read.  When I saw the part about he spent over $100 on KFC, I had to call and ask my son what he got them because they seem very hungry and unfeed when they got home that day. MUB, my son said that he bought them 1 piece of chicken, a fries and a small box juice each.

Now, MUB, I know you haffu eat KFC. You calculate that and tell me which part of that can add up to over $100 dollars. Even if he bought dem a breast each, it still wouldn’t add up to that. He just wa mek heself look good. MUB, he cheap and he na lub spend money. Ma suprise he na min mek noodles for them.

MUB, he said ma children mash-up he tv and the leg for his chair. Let me shed some light on that. First of all, he doesn’t have a 42-inch tv. It’s a 32 inch and it’s not a smart tv. Secondly, all the chairs around his table wa dash way. The legs and them always pop out so I really don’t know why he making it seems as though is brand new furniture he hab inna his house.

MUB, he did call me and the first thing I asked him was “is everything ok.” MUB, he told me that he has everything under control but he would appreciate it if I could tell them to keep down the noise because he’s trying to complete his assignments and I did just that so I want to know how he go say that it didn’t make a difference. I was shocked to find out that he had to beat them. The man bang ma pickney dem all over dem body.

I don’t beat my children so why he thinks he has the right to do so without my permission? He should be happy that I didn’t call the police for him. The poor child couldn’t even sit down in the car too good.

All I wanted was for him to apologize to my sons but since he wants to go on like a bitch and lie about the situation, he can forget about kicking in my back door and forget about the relationship one time. Month-end I’ll give him back the money for his tv and the KFC.