Dear MUB,
My Girlfriend left her 3 children with me this morning because I’m home. After all, things slow at work so I got laid off. MUB, let first make it clear that these children did not come from my seed. I have no children to call my own. I recently started dating their mother so I don’t know who their fathers are. Mr. MUB, I know how kids can get because my sister has two little ones there right. I tell her straight up to keep them far from me. MUB, dem rude and wild! If you spend 10 minutes with them, you will either kill one of them or yourself. So, when my girlfriend asked me to watch her kids the night before, I told her no and she took it as a joke but I was dead serious. 
Now, this morning, you know she still dropped them off. The children were telling her that they don’t want to stay with me and she still left them. MUB, in less than 10 minutes after she left, they started driving me up the wall. Especially the 7-year-old. I told the little boy to stop hitting my tv and he looked me in my eyes and told me tap talk to he and go wash ma skin. MUB, I told myself that my sister’s children are worse so I’ll get through this. I told him to excuse, removed my tv, and put it in my bedroom.
Her bigger son was the next case. I don’t know his age but the youth had a Bluetooth speaker listening to music on full blast like he’s the only one in the house. His sister told him to turn it down and in my presence, he told her to leave him the f##k alone so I stepped in and nicely asked him to keep it down because I was trying to complete some online assignments. MUB, he turned it down for a few minutes and then turned it back up. Every minute I had to be speaking to him. I even went as far as offering him my headphone to use but he said he na want um. Once again, I told myself that my sister’s children are worse so I’ll get through this.
I must say that her daughter was a peach. She sat there on her phone for most of the day. When it was around 3:30, they started to complain that they hungry so I took them to the Chinese shop down the road. MUB, they say that they ate Chineses food yesterday so they don’t want that. I didn’t have much money on me so I went to the ATM and I bought KFC for them.
MUB, my stupid ass thought that they would behave better because I got them what they wanted. Oh, how I was wrong. From the time we reached back, the two boys started fighting to sit in a particular chair around the table. I’m telling them to chill out but they na listen. They ended up breaking one of ma chair legs.
I was convinced that they were no different than my sister’s children so I called their mother and told her to speak to them because I just about had it with them. I don’t know what she told them but it didn’t make a difference so I just tried my best to block them out.
I’m on my laptop working on my assignments and all I heard was a loud smash in my bedroom. I rushed in the room only to find her 8-year-old son standing over my 42-inch smart tv. Before the child apologizes to me, he looked me in my face and he had the nerve to tell me that my Tv almost fell on him. At that point all I saw was red. I dashed in the corner for my work belt and just started flinging blow. He ran out in the living room behind his brother. 
I came out there and once again his brother had the music on full blast!! MUB, that was it. I took the speaker and threw it outside and just start blazing up the both of them. He like he wanted to fight with me but I let him know anytime he tries anything police coming for me today. I went for the speaker and told both of them to sit down quietly until their mother come.
AWTFYT. MUB, as soon as their mother opened the door, the 8-year-old started to fake cry. He told her that I hit him with the hard part of the belt in his face and that I pushed him in my Tv. MUB, she didn’t even ask me what happened. She started hyping up on me for hitting her children. Telling me that they don’t belong  so so I have no right to put my hands on them.
I’m trying to explain to her that her child is lying but she na listen. MUB, she turned around and told me that I will never be a good father and If I knew that I didn’t want to watch her children, all I had to do was say so! She told me not to call back her phone until I’m ready to apologize to her boys. MUB, I will not be apologizing and if that’s what I’ll have to be deal with in the future, I don’t think the realtionship will work out. In less than 24 hours my tv mash and chair mash up, spent $100 + dollars, almost went to jail my woman upset with me. I don’t think I’m ready for this.