Boyfriend “Toomed” his Girlfriend without her consent

A young lady reported that she is extremely angry with her boyfriend for “tooming” her without her consent. According to the young lady, the recent talk about “toom” has sparked a desired interest in her boyfriend. “I remember when he came home about two months ago and asked me if I knew what is toom. I told him I am fully aware what it entails and I immediately let him know that it was not something I wished to try.”

The young lady said that for a few minutes her boyfriend tried to convince her to try it. “He told me to let him try it at least once and if I don’t like how it feels he won’t ever do it again.” The young lady said that she remained firm in her decision. She said that when she told her boyfriend that “just the thought of it is disgusting” he called her lame and whispered under his breath “that’s why men haffu go out  and find freaky women.” She replied by saying, “Mek sure the freaky woman you find can cook, clean and help pay bills.”

She reported that earlier this week her boyfriend brought back up the topic. He told her that some of his female coworkers were talking about it and most of them said that it was something that they enjoyed. “He told me that one of them said that after her man toomed her, their love for each other grew stronger.”

“I was very annoyed that after 2 months his mind was still on that. I let him know that my mind did not and will never change so don’t ever bring it up again. It was obvious that he was upset with me because he turned his back and went on his phone.” She said that he ignored her for two days straight.

The young lady explained that Monday night she went to one of her friend’s birthday celebration at a bar and had too much to drink. ” I am very light headed so in less than an hour I had to call my boyfriend to come and get me because I was getting out of control. He knew exactly how horny I get when I drink so as soon as we got into the bedroom, he threw me on the bed and start having his way with me,” she said.

“All I can remember is we were in the 69 position and I suddenly felt my ass open and a wet substance making its way inside. That immediately killed my mood. I never felt so violated in my life. In spite of the fact that I was intoxicated, I was not ready for that. I couldn’t believe that he toomed me without getting my consent. Especially, after we talked about it,” said the young lady.

The young lady told MUB that she is still upset with her boyfriend for taking advantage of the moment and will not be having sex with him for the next two weeks or so as punishment. When MUB asked if she was sure that’s a good idea especially after he whispered: “that’s why men haffu go out and find freaky women.” She boldly said that “this hole hab he pan lock down for 5 years now so me na worried.”


Toom – a rare sexual practice where a male launches saliva into the crack of a female.  Due to the extreme delicacy of this practice, it is advised to seek consent first.