C.R. Please Come For Your Son!

Dear MUB,

I know that you said that you weren’t going to post anything until Tuesday but I really need you to get this message out because I am sick and tired of lying to my 4-year-old son for his father’s bullshit!

MUB, last year, this man promised to come for his son so that they can spend time together over the Easter Weekend. Although, his father hardly calls or comes to see him, for some strange reason this little boy is obsessed with his father. Last year, the night when he was supposed to come for him, he called and told me that he had to cancel because he does have a vehicle and he wouldn’t feel comfortable having him and not being able to move around.

MUB, I hate the living guts of this man because of the shit that he’s put me through but for the sake of my son, I offered to give him my vehicle to use for the Easter weekend just so my son could be happy. He agreed but he never came for him. He ignored all my calls and messages and at the end of it all, he didn’t have the audacity to come and apologize to the child.

Now, from since last week Monday, every single day I’ve been reminding this man to make the necessary arrangements so that he will have time to spend with his son. He promised that he wouldn’t forget and begged me to stop annoying him but I didn’t want what happen last year to happen again because my son is a year older, he’s more aware and he will be devastated if he doesn’t get to spend time with his father.

MUB, this man promised to come for his son since 5:30 PM and it’s now after 7 PM, he hasn’t shown up and I can’t get him on his phone. MUB, I was told by a reliable source that he made plans to stay at a hotel with some woman for the Easter weekend. Mub, my son came crying to me several times asking for his father and it is eating me up inside seeing him like this.

I know his father is one of your followers because sometime back he sent me one of the stories asking me if I was the one that sent it to you because it sounded familiar to something that happened between us so I want to deliver this message to him.

C. R. I’ve NEVER asked you for a dime since the day you decided I wasn’t enough for you and went on your merry way but I can’t stand to see our son hurt like this so I’m begging you to please come for him. If you already made arrangements with a hotel, I will reimburse you.

You’re a terrible father but deep down in that wicked heart of yours, you must have some love for your firstborn son. Whenever you see this, please be a better man than your father was to you and give me a call so we can make some kind of arrangement for this weekend.

MUB, I’m in no way threatening him but if he hurts my child feelings like he did last year, I will transform into the biggest bitch in Antigua and make his life a living hell!!!!