Dear MUB,

I recently found out that I’m pregnant and I’m not too certain who the father is. Let me first say that I’m a single woman. I’ve was in a toxic relationship for the past 7 years but it ended in late May after I was physically abused.

Before I talk about my pregnancy, MUB, I want you to know that my last boyfriend beat the shit out of me because I got mad and mashup his phone. One day, I went over by him and when he heard me coming, he ran into the bathroom to continue his conversation with whosoever he was on the phone with. I felt that something was off so I placed my ear on the bathroom door and listened to the entire conversation.

When he opened the door, I quickly took away his phone and threw it in the toilet because I heard all the nasty things that he was planning to do to her after I left to go home. He got upset and beat me up really bad. MUB, he slammed my head on the toilet seat and when I fell on the ground he started to kick me in my side. I’m sure if the neighbor didn’t hear me screaming and rushed over to my rescue, he would have ended up in the hospital for a stupid phone. MUB, when I found out that the girl he was talking to was 16 years old, I drew the line and ended the relationship.

I really loved this guy. I gave him my all and there was nothing I wouldn’t have done for and with him so when I ended the relationship, I felt like my heart was ripped from my body. I felt worthless so I started talking to a lot of guys. It wasn’t long before I found myself having sex with 3 different guys. Having sex was the only thing that made me feel better so the more I got, the better I felt. MUB, I caught myself when I went to RISE and saw all three of the men that I was sleeping with. I felt like a whore. I didn’t even stay for half the event. I was so disgusted with myself that I left early.

MUB, I know my mother raised me better than that so I made up my mind to get my shit back together.  I recently cut off all three of them because the relationship was only about sex. MUB, I was very reckless. I started off having protected sex with these guys but from time to time we would do it raw. I know I wasn’t the only woman they were sleeping with so after you dropped that story about the woman that infected 32 men, I got scared and decided that I would get tested.

I was shocked out of my mind when I found out that I was pregnant. MUB, I have irregular cycles so I wasn’t studying the possibility of being pregnant. I cried when the doctor told me that I was pregnant. The first thing that came to my mind was which one of them was the father. The feeling I felt when I saw all three at RISE came back. I felt like shit.

One afternoon when I came home from work, I contacted all three of the guys I was sleeping with and let them know that I was pregnant. If it’s one thing that I’ve learned from reading these stories, it’s honesty is the best policy. I was honest enough to let them know that they weren’t the only one I was sleeping with so I’m not certain who’s the father.

MUB, I’m totally against abortion and I’ve been trying to have a child with my ex for years. It’s obvious now that he was the problem. I told the guys that I will be keeping the child. One of them was very sincere and agreed to be apart of the child’s life if it turns out to be his. The other two were a##holes. They told me to get rid of the child, called me a whore and said a lot of hurtful things.

MUB, my reaction after  I ended the relationship with my boyfriend for 7 years was foolish and it landed me in this unfortunate situation. I’m financially stable and I am going to love this child out of this world. However, I pray that the child does not belong to any of those two a##holes.