Man Wants Back His T-Shirt Mas Package


I really can’t believe that this gyal forward the conversation to you. Does she really think that is going to make me leave her alone with my package? Me too lub how all them people have something to say and they don’t even know how the story goes.

I’m 26 years old and I really na hab no time for no f##kery. 8 times I fell in love and all 8 women bruk fu me heart so me nar love or want anything name relationship anymore. This gyal ya, me and she anna no friend. There is this girl I used to deal with (fair exchange) before she started working that told me she has a friend who’s looking an Icon package. She knows how the runnings go so I told her to explain everything to her friend and let her message me if she’s interested. MUB, the runnings simple, money or whatever you want in exchange for sex.

That same day, we started talking. We came to the agreement that I would buy the package and I’ll get to hit it twice. However, she said that she didn’t want to have sex without getting to know me. MUB, I was cool with that so I took her out twice. On the second date, she tried to pull a fast one because she saw the package on the back seat. When I dropped her home, before she came out of the car, she gave me head and then asked me for the package. I let her know that wasn’t the agreement and I’m not going to give it to her until she settle her debt.

She got upset and said I’m unfair because giving me head wasn’t part of the deal but she did it. I let her know that I never asked so she did that on her own accord. She started to curse so I told her if she has sex with me now, I’ll give her the package and she can come by me later in the week to settle the other half of the deal. She agreed so I parked in a dark sport away from her house and we had sex.

MUB, that was since the 16th July … Since then I’ve been messaging her to link me and she’s been giving me excuses. Ma na say nothing. Yesterday, I sent her a message letting her know that she either settle her debt or I want back my f##king package. MUB, the gyal read the message and na reply so I sent her another one only to realize that she blocked me. I tried calling her, she na answer she phone so I sent her a message on Facebook.

MUB, the money is not the problem because I have a decent job and ma na have no responsibilities like that. Ma bex cause she’s the one that came to me. Me never send call she. Women likka she need fu tap them f##kery.

MUB, me na allow she fu go jump up and have fun when she na clear off she debt. That truck na move until I get back my package. If I have to rag it off of her that ar wa me go do. I’m going to make an example out of her for all them woman that lub try scam man. They lub go on like dem ar hot gyal but all dem do a scam people. Me done get enough scamming and bad treatment from 8 different women so me na allow another one to knock me bout.