Carnival Season 2K19: EPISODE 3

Dear MUB,

I’m a woman who gets paranoid very easy when it comes to my man. He has a cousin that plays he loves the most woman in this world. MUB, if this man had to choose between woman or breathing, you best believe that he’s going to put woman before his life.

He’s only been in Antigua for about 2 weeks and he’s been bringing home a different woman every night. It was really bothering me so I told my man to ask him to find somewhere else to stay because he doesn’t seem to have any respect for the house or the neighborhood. Everyone knows when he’s having sex. The least he could do is put something over their mouth. Sunday night, it sounded as though he was killing a goat or something in the room. I don’t know who woman he had over there but whoever it was she needs to go see a doctor. MUB, that kind of bawling out na normal.Anyways, my man spoke to him and he got an apartment. Praise the Lord!

MUB, I trust my man but I feel extremely uncomfortable when he’s around his cousin. What made it worse was when he excitingly (Right in front my face) told my man to make sure he saves the strength in his back because they’re going to jam down every bottom in the band at T-shirt mas.

I wanted to tell my man to let him find someone else to go with but it was his family so I just bite my tongue. MUB, I couldn’t help it, I went down St John’s to coop them. You wa see me like boo boo the clown cutting through the crowd on the side watching from a distance. Look, I don’t know how some women do that. It took a lot out of me. MUB, if I swear if town had stones, I would find the biggest one and pelt it in the back of his cousin’s head. Every minute he just a push ma man behind some woman bottom.

I started feeling like a fool trailing behind them. I eventually convinced myself that I was being ridiculous and went home. MUB, I woke up 26 minutes past 12 am and my man wasn’t home. I check my phone and I didn’t receive any message or phone call from him. I called his phone and it kept going to voicemail. You know only one thing went through my mind. He’s by his cousin digging up the wrong hole.

I jumped in my car and I race go over by the apartment. MUB, I done make up my mind to murder he and his cousin if I go in there and see him with any woman because I didn’t sacrifice 9 years of my life for him to make his cousin come down and spoil our relationship.

MUB, you have no idea how much I love my man so from the time I saw his car, I started to bawl and ar na no little bawling. I put one piece of banging on that door right. His cousin came and answered the door. MUB, my man in there and the first thing this f##ker can ask me is what I want. When he opened the door, I just pushed past him and went to look for my property. When I went into the room, I couldn’t believe what I saw. There was my friend naked and fast asleep on the bed. MUB, I must have been seeing things because I know it couldn’t be the same friend that was chatting him with me, who said she na know how woman can make his wutless ass jump in their hole.

She lucky I didn’t have time for her. All I cared about at the time  was finding my man. I found him pass out in the bathroom. MUB, if you see the state my man was in My poor baby! I couldn’t believe his cousin had him like that. I took some of his cousin’s clothes, clean up my man and took him home to his warm bed.

MUB, before I left, I told his cousin not to ever invite my man anywhere else with him because he’s a bad influence and I’m not going to allow his sorry ass to come down from foreign and ruin my relationship. This man want fu come tell me that I can’t tell him that because blood thicker than water.

I kindly reminded him that “blood” had my man passed out and covered in vomit like he na hab nobody and this same “water” was the one who just cleaned him up and is about to take him home where he has been comfortable for the past 6 years.

MUB, if I didn’t go there, I’m sure he would have my man in there all night and he would have waken up with the worst neck pain known to man.

As far as I see, his cousin only cares about his dick so I don’t want him around my man.