Carnival Season 2K19: EPISODE 4


Wa mek some woman lub fu carry back wrong news when they can’t get what they want? Can you believe that this gyal run go lie pan me just because me na give she likke change fu buy one Redbull?

I played t-shirt mas with Insane and I had ma little friend pan the truck so I got my drinks real quick. MUB, from the time the truck turn to go into town, the alcohol started to work overtime pan ma brain cells. The last cup of Johnny Walker Black Label that I ended up drinking hot because the truck ran out of ice, made things worse. When I reached by Country Pond, I felt like I was going to pass out and I couldn’t find the people I came with so I went up by the unfinished car park in front of APUA to rest my head a little and ended up falling asleep.

Big boss, when me wake up, t-shirt mas done nf. I couldn’t find my phone and no baddy tarl min pan the road. Boss, I count that experience as one of the worse in my life. I couldn’t call anyone and I didn’t have any money on me to catch a taxi so I had to walk home pan top of the fact that my back was hurting me from sleeping on the hard concrete.

AWTFYT… you can believe not one vehicle tan up to give me a ride. Down to one old bruk dung truck pass me straight. Morning catch me pan the road. When me bust Parham corner, me hear cock ar crow nf. I swear my feet were going to fall off. To make matters worse, as soon as I walked in the house, my woman telling me to go back by the woman I’m coming from.

MUB, mi na min hab the strenght nor energy to deal with her foolishness so I just drop down in the chair say ma go tek a five before ma wash my skin and go in my bed. Me a try tek on rest and this woman a dig me inna ma side with the broom stick nf. After me walk fu mi rass from clean dey town, she wa fu accuse me of coming from by some woman. The only woman I saw on my way back, was road! MUB, in all honesty, the last time I cheated was in 2011. Mi na hab time for them things anymore. Women mek too many demands for little sex and the likkle money me hab ar fu feed ma youths dem.

So, mi a try explain to ma gyal that I lost my phone and I just walked from town. She a tell me that ma lie and just a knock me with the stupid broom and ma body done in pain. Ma just tek way the broom, bruk um in two and dash um outside.

Me na even bother wash ma skin. Me go straight inna ma bed and left she out dey a mek noise. When me done sober up, I went and explain the situation to her. I found out that is her friend, the same one that begged me for likke change fu go buy one red bull went and tell my woman that she see me ar walk away with some woman. Smfh