Two months ago, one of my friends went behind my back and hooked up with my sister. To be honest, I wasn’t pleased about it because I know what kind of person he is. When I found out, being the eldest brother, I had a little talk with him. I let him know that he is dealing with family so the rules will be different. He claimed that she is his everything and he loves her a lot but I did not believe a single word he said.

I don’t know what kind of love he claimed to have for my sister because the following week I saw him with another woman. I spoke to him about it but he swore nothing was going on between them. I knew he was lying so I went and told my sister to reconsider being in a relationship with him. MUB, you know she went back and told him everything I told her so we ended up falling out.

We usually play t-shirt mas as a group so while I was at the meeting spot waiting for the others to come, he showed up with the same woman. It was obvious that everyone felt the disrespect because the tension was high. He kept looking at me like he was expecting me to say something but I just pretended like they didn’t exist..

MUB, this nigga was overdoing the thing. One of the guys had to ask him if he na see me dey. He said he doesn’t give a shit and he done know I’m going to go back and tell my sister like some pu##yhole. This nigga dey with the woman and ar kiss and feel her up in front of everyone and we all know that he’s dealing with my sister. I knew he was doing it for spite so I just continued to pretend that he didn’t exist.

Later in the day, my sister sent me a message asking me if I saw him. I wasn’t going to answer her but she said that she has been waiting for him for hours. MUB, can you believe that this man was supposed to take my sister to t-shirt mas but instead, he’s in the band with another woman so I went to him and asked him if he wasn’t supposed to go for my sister. MUB, the nigga look me in my face and tell me na f##king ask him any question.

I had just about enough of his childish bullshit so I took a picture of them and made my sister know exactly what was going on. She finally found him when we were going down Redcliff street. I stood at the side watching them to make sure he didn’t try anything stupid. MUB, up to the time my sister talking to him, you know he still had the woman next to him. I saw when my sister rushed after the woman and he pushed her down. I launched after him and knock him couple thumps. He knows I would beat his ass right there so he took the girl and left. My sister got a few bruises from the fall so I took her home. The man just spoiled the rest of my night.

MUB, the next day, my woman sent me one bunch of message she got from him. Private conversations that I had with this nigga since last year! Now, my woman and I are not on good terms. MUB, I never troubled him when he was dealing with other women but this is my sister. As an older brother, I can’t watch my friend hurt her and do nothing. I can’t believe this nigga really went and created problems in my relationship. That was a complete bitch move. I have nothing else to say to him.