Carnival Season 2K19: EPISODE 6

Dear MUB,

I came down from the states to enjoy the carnival season with my best friend. Instead, I discovered that she developed some kind of man loving syndrome. This girl has a man that will literally take a bullet for her but all she’s been doing from since I came down is cheat on him.

MUB, I’ve been friend with this girl for years. Since I left Antigua in 2015, this is the first time I’ve been back. She’s still with the same guy but her attitude has completely changed. When I left, she was madly in love with him. Now, she seems to be addicted to having sex with different men.

Her man is a Christian so he doesn’t participate in Carnival activities. However, he doesn’t stop her from having fun. He would go as far as even buy our tickets, her outfits and take us to the events. That’s just how sweet he is but all she seems to be interested in is driving knuckle under this man left, right, and center. At one point I had to ask myself she has “White Liver.”

Every time we went to an event, she would disappear with some man and when she returns, it was more than obvious that she had sex with the guy. MUB, I know you’re not going to believe me because if I didn’t see it for myself, I wouldn’t believe it either. She had sex at Blue Jeans, Red Eye & La Playa Privada. Each time with a different man.

The first time caught me off guard. She said she was coming back, took extremely long and came back looking all rumpled. I don’t understand how her man never suspected anything. After La Playa, I asked her about sleeping with so many different guys. MUB, she said. “It’s the season and it’s a different experience each time.” She even tried to encourage me to try.” She even went as far as admitting that she’s addicted to sex and one man cannot satisfy her. I tried talking to her but she didn’t want to hear what I had to say. She claimed that her man is boring and the other guys bring her excitement.

MUB, I know her boyfriend and what she’s been doing was starting to play on my conscience. When we went to RISE, the same guy from La Playa Privada showed up after a few hours ready to take her away and her stupid ass was ready to bounce in a split second. I told her that I’m not staying by myself so don’t even think about leaving. You know she got upset with me and still left with the guy.

She came back with an attitude and said she was ready to leave. She called her man and he took me home. MUB, when I got home, I made up my mind to stop associating myself with her. The next day, I called her man and told him everything. I was not about to let her destroy a good man or give him an STD. She showed up at my mother’s house the same day, ready to fight with me.

She stayed outside and made a lot of noise and left when my mother said she was going to call the police. Up to this day, I haven’t answered her. I find her to be extremely nasty! Some women would do anything to be with a man like hers. Instead, she cherishes the man, she’s out there sleeping around with Tom, Dick, and Harry. I wouldn’t be surprised if she already caught something.