Carnival Season 2K19: EPISODE 7

Dear MUB,

Wa mek some woman think man fooly? I met this girl at Soaked Pineapples and from since then, we have been building vibes. You know how it is when you meet someone for the first time. I’ve been trying to impress her so I basically been footing the cost for the carnival.

MUB, I’m one of dem man that develop feelings quick. The following week we started hanging out hard! I took her to most of the fetes cause I know she loves to party. I would buy the tickets, a couple of times I paid for her outfit and one time I gave her money to do her hair. MUB, the early love bug had me spending like a man clown. You can believe that I gave this girl $500 to buy hair!

I think the sex also contributed to me loosing money easy. She really knows how to work the body parts the Lord bless her with. MUB, the other day, she sent me a message telling me that things can’t continue to be the same because she has a man and she’s sorry that she never told me about him since day one.  I want to know where tf this man was all this time that I’ve been supplying her ass for the carnival.

I told her straight up that I don’t believe her. We usually go to the movies every Saturday night so I told her I will pick her up at 8:30 so we can go get something to eat first. She told me that she had something to do so she will meet me there.

MUB, you know the gyal showed up at the movies with a whole man and she so boldface, she introduced him to me. My heart nearly ran to the back of my cheast when she introduced me as her best friend. If you see how she clinged on to the man. MUB, I’ll be honest, she nearly fooled me but I figured something was wrong because the nigga looked nervous and uncomfortable around her. Ar so he na mek eye contact with me tarl!

While the movie was playing, I’m over there trying to pick sense from nonsense and she feeding this man with popcorn like his hand sick. Who tf does that? She gave herself away by trying too hard to make it look like they had something going on.

I wanted to know where the hell was this nigga all them late nights we out and the few times she slept by me. I don’t know how big of a fool she thought I was but I was going to teach her ass a lesson (literally). I decided to play along with her foolishness. After the movies, I told the guy that I wanted to go on a bad move but I need her as a cover just in case I end up in problem with my girlfriend. MUB, you should have seen her face when I said girlfriend, she was confused no shit. If she can have a man all of a sudden then I can have a woman too.

MUB, the man didn’t hesitate to give her up. Is like he couldn’t wait to get away from her. As soon as he left , the first thing she wanted to know was since when I had a woman. ” I told her that I only used that as an excuse to get her away from her man. I told her that I’m badly in the mood for her and it’s been a while. She told me that this has to be the last time because she’s starting to feel guilty.

MUB, I told her ok, I stopped and got myself a Magnum, took her by me and put it on her until she couldn’t walk. That night I had her bawling murder! She was so drained that she ended up falling asleep by me and up to now the so-called man na call to see if she reach home.

I can’t keep up with these women. I already figured that since carnival is over, she’s trying to get rid of me but it’s cool. I’m satisfied with the fact that I probably damaged her womb. I wish her all the best with her new fake man.