Carnival Season 2K19: Episode 8

Dear MUB,

This year is the first time I’m playing t-shirt mas, and up to the time I know, I can’t handle my alcohol, I went and overdo. It got the best of me and somehow I woke up in my ex’s bed. I’m in a relationship so the next day when I caught myself, I felt like shit. I wanted to take a butter knife and cut off my vagina. I tried to tell my boyfriend but I just couldn’t so whenever I was alone I would cry.

After a few days, I started to feel a little better until I got a message from my ex saying he can’t stop thinking about me. He said that he’s sorry that things didn’t work out between us and he wants us to get back together. This mf think because I accidentally slept with him, it was an invitation for him to come back into my life. I reminded him that I have a man so don’t get the wrong idea.

MUB, I don’t know if my vagina got sweeter or something but this man like he couldn’t understand English. He just would not stop bothering me. Every minute he’s sending me love poems and long sentimental messages. I had to end up blocking his ass before my boyfriend saw the shit he was sending.

MUB, I don’t know what the hell got into this man. I’m inside my apartment watching Netflix with my man and I heard a knocking on the door. When I went to see who it was, I swear a blood vessel almost burst in my head. It was my ex outside with flowers in his hand. I’m telling this man to get tf out of here before my man comes outside and he’s trying to give me flowers talking about he misses me and he wants to get back in my life. MUB, this man crazy or something? I want to know which part about I have a whole man inside he can’t understand.

All when I took away the flowers and started to hit him in his face with it, the man still na move. MUB, the exact thing I was trying to avoid happened. My man was approaching the door so I had to throw him under the bus. I started to scream out leave me alone and stop stalking me. MUB, as soon as my ex saw my man he started to tell the man how he doesn’t deserve me and one bunch of shit which lead to an argument. MUB, when my ex finally decided to leave, I could have died on the spot when he told my man, “if you were doing your job right, she wouldn’t end up in his bed after t-shirt mas!”

From the time my man gave me the look, I knew the relationship was over because he was already suspicious about the fact that he couldn’t get me until the day after t-shirt mas. When we got back inside he asked me to explain where I went after t-shirt mas. I didn’t even try to lie. I told him everything. MUB, the man took up the 2 boxers and towel he had by me and left. Up to now I haven’t heard from him. I unblocked my ex and let him know whenever he sees me in public, walk on the next side of the road and if he ever comes back at my place, I’ll piss in a pot, boil it and throw it on him.

MUB, I’m convinced that he’s crazy because he came back the next day and he’s still begging me to take him back. The biggest mistake I made this year was letting this man back in my hole.