I was just fooling around…

Dear MUB,

I’m sorry to disturb you this good Christmas day but this woman just made me reconsider our relationship. Thanks to her, I finally understand the meaning of ungrateful.

A few minutes ago I went by my woman to have Christmas breakfast. We officially got together in May so this is our first Christmas together. Now, I’m a man that likes to fool around so I went inside the house with a garbage bag pretending to be Santa and started giving out gifts.

She has two children a 6-year-old and a 10-year-old (I’m not their father) I gave her son a tennis ball, her daughter a pack of sweets and I gave her a perfume set that I bought from a Chinese store. It still had on the price $32.95.

When she saw the price, she gave it back to me and ask me what kind of cheap perfume is that. At first, I thought she was joking but then she walked out into the living room to see what I bought her children. When she saw the tennis ball and the pack of sweets, she started up on me.

I couldn’t believe that this woman was seriously cursing me because of some stupid gifts. MUB, you need to understand that I’m not talking about no regular cursing. She was cursing bad words in front of her children. I was extremely shocked. It was the first time I’ve seen her behave like that.

I got so upset that I went inside of my car for the real gifts. I bought both her children a tablet each and I bought her a Rihanna perfume set, a Pandora bracelet and I gave her a Christmas card with $500 in it with the instructions to buy herself something nice.

Giving them the cheap gift in the beginning was just me fooling around so you can imagine how I felt. MUB, even if I wasn’t fooling around she shouldn’t have behaved like that to me because from since we got together I’ve been nothing but nice to her and her children. I’m not bragging but in the summer, I used some of my savings to help her send her children to see their father in St Lucia. She didn’t even know what to say when I gave them the real gifts. I can tell by her facial expression that she was embarrassed.

I gave her children $50 a piece, said Merry Christmas and left. She tried to stop me but I nicely let her know that the behaoviur she displayed is not something I’m going to forget.

This is our first Christmas together and I believe it might be the last. I am 36 years old and I am looking for a good woman to settle down with and after that surprising outburst over some gifts, this is the first and last Christmas we might be spending together. MUB, you have no idea how I’m feeling right now.

I’m by my mom now and that’s where I will be spending the rest of my Christmas.