Nativity Red Christmas ornaments with open Bible. Scripture is open to Luke and the story of the Birth of Jesus.

A Christian young lady broke my heart on Christmas day…

Dear MUB,

Some of these ladies that profess to be Christians who love to encourage men to come to church and become better individuals need to grow a Christian heart. There are some things you just don’t do to people.

MUB, before I met this girl, I’ve been living a rough and ungodly life. Smoking, drinking, reckless sex, and I’ve even been to prison once for selling marijuana. All because I was following bad company.

A few months after I came out of prison, I decided to go to church with a friend that has been inviting me for years and that’s where I met this Christian young lady who motivated me to change my lifestyle.

With her encouragement, in just a few months I was able to stop most of my bad habits and even get a job. On the 13th of March, we officially started seeing each other and we’ve been dealing ever since. Because I went to prison, her family never accepted me so we kept our relationship a secret. Everyone thought we were just friends. However, they never stopped encouraging her to stop hanging out with me. Because I know how much they have been telling her to stay away from me, I was surprised that she stayed with me for so long.

Now, two days before Christmas, she sent me a message telling me that she’s inviting me to come and spend the Christmas with her family. I knew she couldn’t have been serious so I just replied lol. That’s when she called me to let me know that she was serious. I don’t know why but I automatically started thinking shit like her family was planning to sacrifice me or something. That’s how much her family despise me and to hear I was invited over was just hard for me to believe.

Anyways, the day came and I was beyond nervous. When I entered the house, most of the faces had an expression like; what the hell is he doing here. There were some other church members there so I felt a bit at ease. In less than an hour later, the pastor and his family walked in. To my surprise, the pastor’s son walked up to my woman and kissed her on her lips. I know she said they are best friends but I found a kiss on the lips was way too much for best friends. When he went to greet the others, I called her aside and asked her what the hell was that about. She told me there is a reason why she invited me over and I will soon find out. I had no idea what that meant but I was pissed.

Well, it wasn’t long before I found out. They brought out a cake and champagne. It was obvious that everyone had an idea of what was going on except for me. MUB, believe me when I say that there was nothing in this world that could have prepared me for the hurt I felt. The pastor stood up called his son and the woman I have been secretly seeing for the past 9 months and blessed them on their decision to make a match in heaven.

Listen, tears came out of my eyes and all now as I’m typing this I am crying. I don’t understand how this woman out of the blue can decide to get married and not say a word to me. Plus I know that people don’t just get married, so it is obvious that she has been seeing him all this time.

I don’t know what was her purpose for having me around even up to the time her parents hated me like shit! I don’t know why she invited me over just so I could witness such a heart-breaking experience instead of telling me on a one-on-one! I don’t understand any of it! After the announcement, she had the nerve to pull me aside and tell me that she’s sorry but she couldn’t find it in her heart to tell me so this was the only way she knew how to.

I don’t know what fair land she living in but I just lost it. At that point, I just give her a piece of my mind. Her father rushed over like some saviour and told me to get out of his place I just let him have it as well. By the time I was finish everyone in the room knew exactly what was going on and how I felt.

This young lady broke my heart into a million pieces. I don’t know how these people call themselves “children of God”. Even though we kept our relationship a secret, it was obvious that we had something going on.

MUB, I’ll be honest with you. If it wasn’t for the blood of Jesus, I would have murdered every last one of them in that house this good Christmas afternoon. I will keep my faith in God but I am done with church and those wicked people.