Dear MUB,

2 years of my life went down the drain in an instant and all it took was a pregnancy test and an ex-boyfriend.

For the two years I’ve been with this woman, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. When I was growing up, my father was never around. My mother used to refer to him as “your cheating father” so at an early age, I promised myself that I will never cheat on the woman I decided to get into a relationship with.

I’ve only been in 2 previous relationships. My first relationship ended due to the difficulties of maintaining an overseas relationship and my second girlfriend died from cancer.

This morning (Christmas day) when I got out of bed, I came across my girlfriend in the living room with a pregnancy test in her hand crying.

At the beginning of our relationship, I made it clear to her that I’m infertile. So, due to circumstances beyond my control, I am unable to have children under normal conditions. So you can imagine how happily surprised I was when I saw her with the pregnancy test in her hand. I assumed that they were tears of joy and a miracle finally happened.

I quickly rushed to her side to comfort her but from the face she gave me, I knew something was wrong. She confirmed that she was indeed pregnant but she also confirmed that it wasn’t mine. That news stunned me for about a minute. I just stood there speechless.

She then told me that she was sorry and she will move out by the end of the day. I don’t know how she came to that decision but after 2 years you don’t get to walk out of my life without a proper explanation.

She didn’t hesitate to tell me that she was cheating on me with her ex and he is the one that she’s pregnant for. I got angry and asked her if it was the same ex that used to treat her like shit? The same ex that black and blue her eyes for putting up a status of a man saying happy birthday and the same ex that threatened to kill her several times?

MUB, her mood completely changed. Can you believe that she started to find excuses for her ex’s actions? She then jumped on my case and started to blame me by saying that I am always working and I don’t show her enough love. I had to stop her in her tracks and let her know that the reason why I work so hard is so that she could live comfortable.

I then told her that it’s Christmas so let’s just put everything aside until tomorrow. MUB, If is one thing I try to see things for what they are. Life is short, and I can’t let certain things stress me out. To be honest, I wasn’t as mad as I portrayed myself to be. In my head, I was thinking since I can’t have any children, I will just let her keep this one and take care of it as my own.

Before I got a chance to tell her that, she told me that she thinks it’s best that she leave because she will feel uncomfortable staying here with me. MUB, she’s been living with me for about 10 months now so I wanted to know why would she feel uncomfortable all of a sudden. Her big excuse was because she’s carrying another man’s child. Again, I told her that we can talk about that another time so lets just enjoy the Christmas.

She continued to insist that it was best that she leave so I got angry and after a heated conversation she finally revealed that she was going to go stay with her ex. I don’t mean any disrespect but I don’t understand how one woman can be so stupid! I am there like a fool trying to remind her how he used to abuse her and she’s there trying to convince me that he change.

I didn’t need a rocket scientist to tell me that she has been communicating with him on a regular and It was also obvious that she never stopped loving him. As much as I didn’t want to, I stepped aside and allowed her to leave. If it’s one thing i’m never going to do, it’s force any woman to stay with me.

I know her ex, and it won’t be long before she comes running back to me. She thinks that because he has a new job and his own place now that he will treat her better but time will tell.

MUB, to be honest, I believe the fact that I’m unable to make children has a major role to play with her decision.