open packs of condoms isolated on white background

Dear MUB,

I am now a single woman because my man is a nasty cheater. Last week Tuesday, I had this gut feeling that something wasn’t right when I was messaging my man during his lunch break. He took over an hour to reply to my message and to make matters, he came home with the smell of cologne. It wasn’t strong but I was able to pick it up because he usually comes home smelling frowzzy.

I didn’t say a word to him. I waited until he fell asleep and went looking for his clothes so I could get a closer smell. MUB, red flag #1! His working clothes were not in the dirty basket. I’m there looking high and low for his clothes only to discover it outside in the washroom already washed and cast aside.

I kept my cool and went searching his car hoping that I would find something that would let me know that his worthless ass was up to something. MUB, just when I was about to give up, I saw a piece of condom plastic catch between the backseat. MUB, no woman wants to find out that their man is cheating on them. We don’t use protection and he has never bend me up in his car before. I felt like boiling a hot pot of water and throwing it on his tool but I wanted to catch him in the act before I approached him.

MUB, you see this thing call women’s intuition believe me when I say it is real. I had no idea how I was going to catch him and it was killing me inside to approach him about the piece of condom plastic because I know he would lie his way out of it. Friday while I was at work, something told me to go an park up by his work just before he takes his break so I borrowed my coworker’s car and I listened.

MUB, I watched the girl go into his car she pretended as though she was looking for something then went in the backseat and closed the door. I started to wonder if she got lost in his car because it seems like she wasn’t coming out. Shortly after he came out, he went into the car and drove off. I followed them as best as I could but I eventually lost him in traffic. I drove around for a bit but I wasn’t able to find them.

I tried calling him but he didn’t answer. I eventually went back to work but I couldn’t focus. I can’t believe that women can be so selfish. The fact that she was sneaking obviously meant that she knew he has a woman. MUB, I finish working before him so I went back there and waited until they were finished. I followed her until she stopped at a supermarket and pulled up right beside her. While she was looking in her bag, I opened her door and sat down.

She was so frightened to see me that she said, “please don’t kill me.” I let her know that I have no intention of hurting her and I only wanted to talk.  MUB, if you saw the girl, she only 23 and my man is 48. All I wanted to know was when, where and how man times she had sex with him.

She told me that she recently started having sex with him but she confessed that he has been taking care of her since she was going to college. MUB, you know he’s the one that got her the job at his workplace so he can ride out the poor child whenever he felt like. MUB, I don’t blame her because she young and stupid. She obviously felt entitled to him because he has been taking care of her for years. She even explained to me that she is extremely uncomfortable and she wants it to stop. The little girl ended up crying in my arms.

I took her shopping and I made her follow me home where I almost knocked the life out of him. He felt so shame. I let him know if he ever communicates or interferes with the young lady again, I’ll call the police for him.

MUB, I kick him out the house because I cannot see myself going forward with a man like that. If I only tell you some of the things that he has done to the innocent little girl. He was taking advantage of her body. He is currently living by one of his friends and I’ll be keeping an eye on him to make sure he’s not doing it to anyone else.