Connections Speak Louder Than Qualifications

Dear Mr. MUB,

I’m writing this story as a means of educating young women or even men in this country who are struggling to find employment on this little island.

I’m 26 years old and ever since I finished secondary school, I’ve been struggling. I obtained most of my CXC subjects but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I just cannot find meaningful employment.

During carnival this year, a friend and I decided to attend a fete at the last minute. I was working at the time and so was my friend so we both decided that we would leave the fete early at around 2:00 am which would have given us more than enough time to see all the performances.

We kept our promise and we left at exactly 2:00 am. While we were walking to the car, I notice a man trying to get my attention. I’m a very attractive young woman so I’m used to guys trying to get my attention so I ignored him until he said something which caught my attention so I stopped and turned around. He then proceeded to introduce himself and said that he works at this particular company where I had intentions of working. Instantly, I thought to myself maybe he can help me. We exchanged numbers and agreed to get in contact. After a few weeks, we decided to meet up at his house so that he could help me with my application.

Everything was going well until he started to get fresh with me. He told me that I would have to do him a favor in order to get the job. Favor? I thought he was just being kind. Instantly, I already know what he was up to so I decided to leave. I went along and did my application and proceeded to submit it. Luckily, I was called to an interview. When I got the interview it turned out to be him conducting the interview.

I was scared but I still went in with a positive mindset and tried to be as professional as possible. MUB, can you believe this man still insisted that I date him? At this point, I’m frustrated. I told him no and he continued to conduct the interview as normal. It has been over a month now and I still haven’t been called for the position and I think I know why.

Young people in the country especially women! Know your rights! It is very much wrong for anyone to use any form of sexual gratification to reward someone. Those in high positions need to stop using their power to do as they please. I just hope that other young women can be as brave as I was and refuse. Giving in may get you the job, but would you truly feel good about yourself afterward? Think about it.