“I thought I was going to finally catch his ass,” said a woman who followed her boyfriend to a guest house where she caught him with his coworker.

A woman reported that a week before DDF, her boyfriend told her to make arrangments to go to the event with her friends because he wasn’t feeling the vibes and had already made plans to go fishing with some of his coworkers.

She said that she was very relieved when he said those words.  “I told him that I was only going because he wanted to. I work on from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays so I wouldn’t have any time to rest before going to DDF,” she said.

According to the woman, her boyfriend was not pleased with the fact that she didn’t want to go. “I remember he had this puzzled look on his face when I told him I wasn’t going to go. He told me that I need to stop behaving like a granny and I must learn to go out and enjoy myself.”

She said that for the following week leading up to the fete, he would make little jokes as a means of trying to find out if she changed her mind about going. “I remembered when he came on the bed and gave me $300 dollars to go by an outfit to go DDF. To be honest, I was shocked because trust me, he na let go money so easy,” she said. “I knew he had to be up to something so I went on guard.”

“You dun know I went into his phone when he fell asleep. Anyways I didn’t see anything so I thought he was really just being nice. Everything was going well until I glimpsed a message that popped up on his phone asking “if you got your woman to go.” When I checked the phone it was from one of his coworkers. I quickly deleted the message and kept my mouth shut.”

The woman explained that she had a feeling that his coworker might ask about the message that she delete and she didn’t want him to change his mind about whatever he had planned, so she bought an outfit and asked him to buy her a ticket. She even went as far as getting the day off. “He so fooly that he giveaway himself when he got over excited about buying me the ticket. This couldn’t be the same man that nearly tek off ma head when I asked him to buy me a $60 ticket to go LOL (Lots of Liquor),” she said.

She said that although her heart was eating her out on the inside, she wanted to know exactly what he and his coworker had planned because on two occasions she was told that they had something going on but he denied it saying she was just a good friend. “I knew I had to come good to catch him because he very slick. I called my best friend and we came up with a plan.”

According to the woman, the plan was to let him drop her off at DDF where her friend would be waiting for her in a rental car. They would go to Epicurian and then she would call him and tell him to go Epicurian pharmacy and buy a medication for her mother. “His stupid ass fell for it . When I saw his car turn into  Epicurean I turned up the radio, called him and told him don’t bother. We carefully followed him.” She said that after a while she knew exactly where he was going .”I couldn’t believe that he was going to our getaway spot.”

She said that she told her friend to pull up not too far from the guest house where they stayed there for about 15 minutes talking about how man bad. “I wanted to give him enough time to settle in so I could catch him in the act,” she said.

According to the woman, she found out which room he was staying. “When I opened the door, there was my man and his coworker decorating the room. I didn’t know what to say because they were both fully clothed.

It turned out that his coworker was helping him to prepare the room for her. His plan was to get the room decorated, surprise her at DDF and then he would blindfold her and bring her back to the guest house. “Mi never so shame inna ma life. I was so busy trying to catch him cheating that I forgot that DDF was on the same day we got together.”

She said that she apologised to her boyfriend and his coworker and they had a big laugh about it. Although she ruined the surprised, they still had fun.

MUB definitely didn’t not see this one coming. See ladies, there are still good men out there.