“Woman need fu tap call man bad because them worst,” said a young man who explained how the woman he went  DDF with tried to make a fool out of him.

According to the young man, two weeks before the event he bought 3 DDF tickets; one for himself, one for the girl he had been seeing for the past 3 weeks and one for her best friend. “After me done buy the tickets mi only had $275 dollars left back in my name.”

Out of curiosity, MUB asked the young man why did he have to buy a ticket for her best friend. He said that she told him that if he wanted her to come he had to buy a ticket for her best friend because she doesn’t go anywhere without her.

“I tried my best to go all out. I really wanted to impress dis gyal” The young man informed MUB that he had a crush on the girl since high school.

“So ar’we reach dey ar DDF and ebree thing mi dey ar go good. The vybz min tun up but mi realize that she just ar finish she drink fast so she can go bar straight. Sometimes she tek all like 20 minutes fu come back,” he said.

The young man explained that from time to time she would leave with her best friend and take a long time to come back. He said that she also started using the bathroom frequently. “Whenever she was leaving she would ask me what I wanted to drink and begged me not to move from the spot. The last time she said she was coming back I decided to secretly follow her.”

He followed her near to the stage where she met up with a guy dressed in a Hawaiian looking shirt. “Mi dun suspect that it had something to do with some man. If you see how she ar throw back pan the man and when she by me all me a get ar some stale wink up. Me mi wa fu just slap down two of them but me done tell ma self me na knock no man for no gyal.”

The young man said that he stood from a distance and continue to watch both of them. “Yo wa see she best friend standing next to her looking around like some watchman” The young man said that he waited until she left then he approached the guy she was dancing with.

“Ma see he hab in he rum so me smartly ask he about the gyal he dey ar dance with. He start to boast off how he buy her outfit and she promised to give him piece after DDF but she has to wait until the dude she with left because he bought her ticket.”

When he left from the guy he went straight to the bar and took 4 shots. “You see how them gyal lie, wutless and lub use man. So she prefers to give the man that buy she some cheap outfit piece over the man that buy she and her best friend ticket! She realize that if it wasn’t for me she na she best friend wudda go DDF?” The young man said that after taking 2 more shots, he went back to the spot and pretended that everything was ok. “Mi really wanted to she how bad this gyal ya be,” he said

“Before the fete was finished, she told me that her best friend wasn’t feeling well so her mother was going to come for them and she was going to go home with her. She gave me some bootleg kiss and tell me to come let her follow me to my car. You wa see she face when I told her that I was going to wait until her friend mother came.” According to the young man, she and her best friend did all kind of “Antics” to get him to leave. “If I didn’t know what was going on I would have fell for their tricks.”

“When she realize that I wasn’t leaving she start up talking about I mess up her whole night because I hardly gave her any attention. Yo me get so bex right me just slap she mek she know that I know about the boy she promise piece and tell she me wa back money me spend pan the 2 DDF ticket and go bout ma business.” 

“You see all ar you young men out there ar you better watch out for them girls that lub beg for ticket and money to buy outfit. Dem na good.”

Base on how the conversation ended,  MUB gathered that the young man is not upset at the fact that she tried to juggle him. He’s upset at the fact that he bought 2 DDF tickets  (spent the most money) and she turn around and want to give the man that gave her money to buy “some cheap outfit” piece.