Yesterday afternoon “stables” was set ablaze. No one is certain as to how the fire started, but it is assumed that the wife of a regular customer tried to get rid of her husband’s addiction.

“She tired warn him. He over do now. Marning, noon and night he wa fu go stables,” said a source.

Apparently, a wife has been having trouble with her husband’s addiction to the famous “cool off” spot. We were told that sometimes she would get a message alerting her to “come and collect her husband”. The worst part about it is, whenever he recovered his energy, he would deny being there.

According to a reliable source, the day before the incident a big argument sparked off between them, when he told her that he was going out for a drink. She knew exactly what kind of drink he was going out for. Before he left the house, she said to him, “If I find out that you step one foot into stables, it will be the last time you will see that place”.

Obviously, he did not take her seriously. Although, this story coincides with this event, there is no evidence to announce the wife as a suspect. So, we will be minding our business.

As you can see in the photos, “stables” took a really bad beating by the fire. There was a variation in expression between the males and females present at the scene. The females on site appeared to be delighted by the fire while the men were very unpleased. “The faces of the men looked as thought a piece of their lives were taken away from them”.

“It’s about time someone bun dung that nasty place,” said a woman. Before she was able to say another word, a male who overheard her retaliated saying, “Anybody nastier than you! Woman likka you just bex man na wa…” You know the rest.

Today marks an unfortunate event for the many men who had to witness or find out that the only place that made them feel like a man was taken away from them without warning.

MUB was told to get the word out that there is only one more “cool off” spot left. So, if you know that you have a crazy wife/girlfriend and your presence will be a detriment to the system please stay far away!