Dear MUB,

I‘m not sure if I’m confused or just dumb!

So I have to wait until my fiance is finished talking to whomever for him to text or call me back on his own timing. I’m supposed to be is fiance soon and he’s already acting this way.

Fed up is not the word to describe how I feel. My instincts keeps telling me someone is in the picture but I have no proof only assumptions…..Each time I ask same thing over and over denial…He said I’m a pest because I’m not hearing what I need to hear but I object. Mub this man whole demeanor has changed literally towards me…why?

Mub I know your followers gonna say I’m stupid but love gets u that way……when u start believing lies …..I keep asking my man is there someone else in the picture be upfront with me so I can cry and move on in peace but the answer is always no….So why am I begging for love and affection? I can’t tell when last my man has kissed or pampered me…but me the rass still smh.

If I bring up the issue just to get closure he says I’m nagging him he dosent answer nor does he reply and we are in the same room….”ooh he’s like, I’m tired of this shit now everydayyyy” the only time I will get an answer.

MUB, he is smart even if he’s doing something I wouldn’t know unless I decide to trace him but, I won’t that seem s stalkerish hahaha….but on a serious note why are you holding on to me or us ….I asked do you want me the answer is alwys why do I feel empty and alone?

We don’t live together okkk…and if he doesn’t see me he is cool with that…we use yo talk daily…Now if I get called twice for the day that’s plenty!!!! Then you have the heart to say you love me …haven’t you hurt me enough.?but what’s in the dark will come to light but I hope I can accept what I already know and move on by then……