Easter Weekend: Episode 1

A Man Walks Out On His Woman For Making Ducana With Raisins

Mr. MUB,

Can you believe that I woke up early on Good Friday just so I could prepare Ducana and Saltfish for my man and instead his ungrateful ass show some appreciation, he got me upset and made me dash way ebbree thing.

I’ve been in a relationship with this man for about 5 months so this is the first time I’m actually cooking Ducuna and Saltfish for him. If it’s one thing I must say, whenever I cook, he always clean off the plate because the worthless woman he was with before me, never used to cook for him. All they used to live on was pasta and Chinese food.

Anyways, I started cooking early because he told me that he wanted to go over by his mother to spend some time. MUB, I’m going to be honest with you. I was his side-chick for about a year and a half. When he finally broke up with his woman and he told me that he wanted us to be in a relationship, I told him that the only way I’m settling down with him is if we move in together. He agreed and we are currently renting. MUB, I love him but the trust still kinda shaky. I want him right beside me night-time because that is when he used to come and check me and I’m not giving him any chance to cheat on my ass.

I finished cooking a little after 10 am, shared out his food, and rest it in the microwave for when he came back from by his friends. He reached back home a little after 12 and went straight into the kitchen for his food. I stayed from the bedroom and heard him grumbling.

It suddenly hit me that I forgot to make Juice so I figured that he was probably looking for something to drink and didn’t see anything so I got out of bed with the intention of making some juice for him. MUB, before I reached in the kitchen, there was this man coming with the plate of food in his hands making noise on me for putting raisins in the Ducuna.

I tried to explain to him that I grew up eating my Ducuna with raisins. He looked on me and told me that is not how his mother makes it so he na eat that shit. MUB, I never knew he had an issue with raisins being in the Ducuna so I offered to pick them out of the Ducuna just so he could feel better but Mr ungrateful slammed down the plate on the table and walked out the house saying he going to look for some REAL Ducuna. I thought he was joking so I waited for him to walk back in but I heard the car start up and watched him drive off.

I stood there for a few minutes trying to process what the hell just happened. This man just seriously walked out on me for putting raisins in the Ducuna? MUB, I got so upset that I went into the kitchen and dash way the whole pot of Ducuna & Saltfish.

I’m not a big fan of Ducuna so I basically made it for him. All he had to do was pick out the raisins but he wants to go on like a bitch.. I want to see what he’s going to eat for the rest of the week because me na cook shit!