Easter Weekend Episode 2

Woman Caught Camping Out With People Man

A young lady reported that her friend received a severe ass whooping because she did not listen when she told her to stop seeing the young man that she met a few weeks before the Easter Weekend.

According to the young lady, she has been begging her friend to stop dealing with the young man because he lied to her friend when they first started talking. “She met this guy at a party and immediately became obsessed with him. I know she was excited because she’s not accustom to good looking guys troubling her. He told her that he was single but my gut told me that he was lying so I went digging and found out that he actually had a woman.

The young lady explained that when she discovered who his woman was, she immediately told her friend to back off. “I’ve heard about  her before and from what I heard, that woman doesn’t play when it comes to her man. I went to my friend the same day and told her to stay away from the guy because he’s obviously a liar and she doesn’t want to get into anything with his woman. She told me ok but two days after, she asked me to accompany her to a bar where she made plans to meet up with the same guy.”

I agreed to go but I let her know if she gets into anything with his woman, I won’t be helping her.” Despite her friend’s continuous plead to stay away from “people man,” she continued to see the guy. “She even went to his house once,” said the friend.

According to the young lady, The guy invited her friend camping with him and some of his friends so she begged her to tag along. “I told that it was a bad idea and she should reconsider going but she was too obsessed with the guy to listen. As much as I didn’t want to go, she’s been my friend from since high school and she always has my back so I told her ok.”

“While we were there, at one point, I noticed that his phone kept ringing. He kept looking at it, chupse and then put it back in his pocket. I suspected that it was probably his woman calling.” According to the young lady, that was confirmed when his friend shouted out “answer she, cause you know she na go tap ring dung your phone.” She said that he eventually went aside and answered his phone.

“I felt very uncomfortable and uneasy being there. One of the guy’s friends was trying desperately to sweet talk me. It was very obvious that he was trying to get me to have sex with him. I tried farting hoping it would turn him off but that didn’t work. MUB, I had this feeling that something bad was going to happen.”

“Around minutes to 1 am, my friend and the guy left and went into one of the tents. I was very sleepy so I made my way into one of the tents. I don’t know what made his friend think that he was invited to come and lay down with me but little after I got into the tent, his thirsty ass came in. I let him know straight up that Wendy’s na mark pan my face so try na touch me. ”

The young lady said, while she was fast asleep, she suddenly heard one big commotion outside. “When I came out of the tent, there was the guy’s woman tossing my friend around in the sand. I felt so sorry for her. His woman was 4 times her size. The two guys were trying to pull her off but her size made it difficult for them. This is exactly what I was trying to avoid. I told my friend that Antigua is very small and there was no way that she can expect to go camping with a whole man and his woman not find out.

The friend explained that she’s not a fighter and she had just done her weave. “If I made an attempt to help her, I would have also gotten my ass beaten and messed up my weave. I love her but I also warned her ass to stay away from2 the guy and she didn’t listen.”

“MUB, I don’t know what this guy did to my friend but you know she wanted me to drop he back up there saying that his woman left and because I refused to take her, she bex with me. Now, she’s saying that I’m not a real friend because I don’t have her back. I let her know I’m going to write to you so she can see how ungrateful and foolish she is.”