Easter Weekend: Episode 4

Woman Takes Up Rental Car Without Permission


I honestly think that you need to have some kind of seminar or conference to talk to them woman in Antigua about using and taking man for gyal clown.

A young lady I started talking too early up in the year, messaged me over the Easter Weekend and told me that she wanted to hang out. I was very shocked because the last time I spoke to her, she told me that she started seeing someone so she doesn’t want to entertain me. I was very confused how all of a sudden another man came into the picture when I’ve been spending and taking care of her. I swear I was next in line but I respected her wish so we eventually stopped talking.

She told me that her man went away and he won’t be back until after the Easter weekend. She said that she was bored and I was the first person that came to her mind. MUB, is a long time I like this girl so I got excited and told her I am free, single, and available. She told me that there was an event out that she wanted to go to but she didn’t have any money. My gullible ass told her not to worry about anything just get ready for 9:45 pm. MUB, you know me completely forget that my car was at the mechanic shop.

I have a friend that owns a rental car business so I called him and asked him to link me with a vehicle. I opened a new Irish Spring soap, took a long shower, put on a new boxer and sweet up with the most expensive perfume I had.

I picked her up, we got something to eat and then we went to the event. In less than an hour, she told me that she felt tipsy so she wanted to leave. MUB, wa the hell does tipsy mean? I went and parked up by a beach and started rubbing her legs. The gyal box off ma hand so hard, that ma feel um all up inna ma shoulder.

She start-up pan me saying if she looks like some kinda duttyfoot gyal and how she never had sex with her man pan the beach so wa mek mi think mi can get um they. I was upset but at the same time, I got excited because I took it to mean that she prefered a bed so I apologized and asked her if she wanted to go by me. She told me that it’s up to me so I dashed home.

MUB, I took her by me and can you believe she stayed all the way on the other end of the bed? Look me never so bex yet. She well relax in my bed watching Netflix. I wanted to take her home because she was confusing me. After a while, she came and laid down on my chest. Once again, I got excited and took it as a signal to make a move so I tried to touch her. This time she gently moved away my hands and kissed me on my chest.

MUB, she confused the hell out of me. She would touch me but she didn’t want me to touch her back. I eventually fell asleep. MUB, the morning when I woke up, there was no woman and there was no car. I called her immediately and she told me that she didn’t want to wake me up so she took the car. She told me that she was cooking so when she finished, she will bring some food for me and we can go to the beach and chill.

MUB, she was supposed to pick me up at 1:00 pm. Minutes to 2:00 pm, I called her and her phone went straight to voicemail. I tried messaging her but not even that worked. I started to get upset.

When it was about minutes to 4 pm, my friend called me and asked why I have his car so dirty. I told him what happened and he told me that he’s up at  Ffryes beach and the car was still there. Yo, I started calling all the taxi inna ma phone and I was able to get Trip Taxi Service. I don’t know if he was in my village or the lord was on my side but the man reached before I finished putting back on my clothes so I just put on my slippers and head out.

When I reached the beach, I called him and he showed me where the car was parked. MUB, awtfyt… when I walked up to the vehicle, this woman had a whole man inna the car with his foot up on the dashboard like the car belonged to him. She tried to tell me some lie bout she called my phone and it kept going to voicemail.

MUB, I didn’t say a word to her because the slap I wanted to give her would send her straight up Mount St Johns. I jumped in the car and left. Can you believe that she sent me a message asking me how she supposed to get home?