Easter Weekend: Final Episode

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Woman Caught Camping Out With People Man (Another side of the story)

Dear MUB,

I told myself that I wasn’t going to write to you but after I read some of the comments, I decided to share my side of the story so that your followers can understand the trouble I had to go through. Especially, for those who were saying that I should have left the woman alone and dealt with my man.

MUB, this is not the first time I’ve gotten into a fight for this man. The last time I damaged a girl and had to reimburse her for medical bills. I told myself I wouldn’t fight for him again. MUB, her friend wasn’t the only one that warned her. A few weeks before the incident while I was over by him, I went in his phone and saw a message from her asking him for money. He was sleeping at the time, so I messaged her back and told her to stop troubling my man. Instead of taking wrong, she started to arguing with me.

She told me if I was doing my duties properly, my man wouldn’t be running behind her. She also told me that she has exactly what it takes to satisfy him and I should be happy that she’s helping me out. I got so upset that I woke him up and showed him the messages. We had it out that night and he told me that nothing is going on and she was deliberately saying those things to provoke me. He told me that if it will make me feel better, he will stop talking to her.

I had a feeling that he was still seeing her because all of a sudden when I called his phone it would either ring out or go straight to voicemail. I had her number saved in my phone so I called her and kindly asked her to stop seeing him. I even explained to her that I just found out that I was pregnant for him. MUB, you know the gyal chupse and hang up her phone.

I’ve been with this man for over 2 years. We’ve been through a lot of shit. I really love him hence the reason why I’ve been trying to do everything in my power to keep him. I know your followers and going to have the world of things to say but I believe if you truly love someone, you will fight for them until there is no longer any fight left in you.

MUB, he waited until the same day to tell me that he was going camping with his friends. When I asked him where will they be camping out, he told me that as soon as it is finalized he will let me know. I never heard from him until he finally decided to answer his phone after 30+ missed calls. When I asked him where he was, all of a sudden he stopped talking and the phone hang up.

I called around until  I got his friend’s girlfriend number and she told me where they were. I don’t drive so I begged my sister to give me a ride when she finished her shift. MUB, although I suspected it, my heart dropped to the ground when I saw him cuddled up with her inside the tent. He had the nerve to ask me how I got there. I grabbed him by his shirt collar and knocked him two slap in his face. MUB, you know the gyal was pulling away my hand and telling me to let him go.

That was the biggest mistake she made in her life. I launched at her and started to give her a rassing. If they didn’t pull me off of her all now she would still be getting it. I can’t believe on top of the fact that I warned her and caught her with my man, she had the nerve to tell me to let him go like if he was her property.

MUB, that is the last time I will be fighting for that man. He had the world of sorry to say as usual but when I read and see that he told her to come back after I left, I made up my mind to end the relationship. I also made arrangements to get rid of his baby. I’ve had enough of his bullshit.