Ex Girlfriend Saw An Opportunity for Revenge

Dear MUB,

Right now I can kick down a cow for how upset I am. Last night a little after 9:00 pm. My ex sent me a picture on WhatsApp with her face half swollen and asked me for a ride to go by her mother.

After I saw the picture, I called her right away to find out what was the problem. She told me that she got into a fight with her boyfriend because she walked and met him on top of a woman. She said when she tried to attack the woman, he stepped in and beat her up.

MUB, I’m in a relationship but my girlfriend is currently away studying. Before I went to pick up my ex, I sent her a message letting her know about the situation with my ex. She wasn’t too pleased about it. She told me that I should keep out and let my ex deal with her own problem. MUB, I felt bad because my ex never did anything wrong while we were together. I cheated on her with my new girlfriend who was actually her friend. When she found out about us I left my ex and got into a relationship with her.

Although I gave my girlfriend my word that I was going to stay out. My ex continued to beg for my help so I went to pick her up. I was supposed to take her by her mother but when we got to the house, she told me that she didn’t want to stay there because she knows that her boyfriend might come to the house looking for her and she doesn’t want to see his face. MUB, against my better judgment, I made her crocodile tears get to me and I took her to my apartment.

I told her that she could stay in the other room and I’ll take her home in the morning. I made her something to eat and gave her ice to put on her face. While we were on the chair talking, she made a move on me which indicated that she wanted to have sex. I already felt bad for having her in my apartment without my woman knowing so the guilt weight down heavy on me. I told her goodnight and I went straight into my bedroom where I played Call of Duty until I fell asleep. I was thirsty but I was afraid to go back out for water.

MUB, the next morning when I woke up she was gone. I called her to find out where she was and she told me to f off, she hates me and all kind of shit that didn’t make any sense at all. Before I got a chance to find out where all that was coming from, she told me to keep away from her and hung up her phone. I was confused out of my mind.

Later that morning, My girlfriend video called me crying, telling me how I betrayed her and how she trusted me and whatnot. I felt like shit because I knew what I did but I was confused as shit as to how she found out. At first, I thought she had the neighbor spying on my apartment but then she sent me the pictures with me and my ex lying down in bed together.

MUB, I sleep hard nf. Can you believe that my ex came into my room, got naked, laid down beside me and took pictures and sent them to my girlfriend to make it look like we had sex? I couldn’t believe it. I tried explaining the situation to her but I can’t be upset with her for not believing me. If you saw the pictures, I almost believed it myself. Right now, my girlfriend thinks that I cheated on her with my ex.