Some woman just doesn’t know when to quit. MUB received news about a woman who has been constantly tormented by her man’s ex-girlfriend.

The victim highlighted that she is currently 4 months pregnant. According to the victim, the woman is having a hard time accepting that her man no longer wants to be with her. She has confronted her on numerous occasion and asked her to leave her alone, but she would receive comments like “I don’t give a shit about your feelings,” and other distasteful remarks.

The victim is currently living with the man, however, she reported that the woman threatens to burn down her mother’s house and kill her unborn baby. She even went as far as reminding her that she’s a Dominican, so she will “work obeah and Voodoo”.

The victim made it clear that she is not afraid of the woman, however, she is not in the position to be taking on stress or dealing with an issue that can potentially result in her losing her baby. The victim said that her man is fully aware of the situation. He told her that they had a “little thing” going on, but he no longer has any feelings for her.

According to the victim, there haven’t been any physical confrontation between them. “She just full of mouth”. However, she is not going to sit back and allow her to continue with the torments, especially since she threatened to harm her unborn baby. 

MUB advised the victim to report the situation to the police before things get out of hands.  It is sad that some women are unable to move on with their lives without creating problems for the “other woman”.

MUB would like to remind such women that there are “many fishes in the sea”. There is no point in fighting for a man that threw you back into the water. Before you attempt to create chaos in another woman’s life, remember there is a bad-minded woman called “KARMA”