Female Lovers Discovered that they Had been Dealing with the same Man

A woman who works for the Royal Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force reported that she surprisingly found out that she and her female lover had been seeing the same guy.

The woman explained that she use to date a guy who cheated on her so much that she ended up losing a lot a weight to the point that people started  calling her “slimmerz.” She said, “After 2 years of getting so much knuckling, I decided that I had enough and made a decision to start loving women.”

It wasn’t long before she found a female partner. “I eventually met a beautiful young lady who was kind and had the whole nine yard. I explained to her everything that I had been through and how I got so much bun I could open a bread shop, sell bun, butter, and cheese and still have an endless supply.”

According to the woman, her girlfriend showed real compassion and strength. She even understood the nature of her work and appeared to be more mature than the men she dealt with in the past. She further explained that her relationship with her girlfriend was going smoothly, however, she still felt this empty space. “Little did I know ah the action I missed. I’m a person who loves sex and the good good up sex too,” she said.

“In the 3rd year of our relationship, I got close with a friend who was also her friend and he eventually became my secret lover. We only got close because I was playing man and I well know I still miss the D action. Don’t get me wrong my girl is a freak and she brings a lot of kinky stuff to the stable but anna all the time I wanted to feel plastic inside me,” she said.

The woman said that she didn’t know how to tell her lover that she was cheating on her with a man. “At least 4 times a month, I would lie and say that I was going to class but I was actually going to my dick appointment.”

The woman reported that last week Tuesday, while she was at work, her girlfriend informed her that she was going to go watch “Nobody’s fool.” A few hours later, a friend messaged her informing her that he saw her woman with a next man. “I told him know because her brother just lime with her as a transporter and so that he could make a move on her friends.” That was when the person told her that she was lying because brothers and sisters don’t kiss. She said that those words immediately sent her pressure to Mars. “Me start call she rass! She answered and told me that she was going 2dollars Tuesday with the girls dem.”

“I didn’t let her know that I knew she was with a man. When it was 11:15 pm, after ma Supervisor gone make checks, I left the office and went to 2dollar Tuesday. When I entered the club I didn’t see her so as I was about to call her. I saw my cuz and she told me that my gyal at the back. I pull the hoody over my head and made my way to the back.”

“Can you imagine the song *pat ya pussy and call ur man name * was playing at the time and there was my woman dancing on my “D” supplier pushing back like ah fu she man. When I confronted her she confessed that it was her sideman and I revealed that he was also mine. I decided not to fight or make a fuss. I just went back to work cuz I was on duty. Can you imagine that she said that she started cheating because I am always at work!”

The woman informed MUB that she didn’t eat for 5 days and she wonders if she needs to change her occupation for her to get a faithful partner.

Out of curiosity, MUB asked about the current condition of their relationship and she said “she wants us to work things out but it doesn’t make any sense. Don’t get me wrong I’m guilty of cheating too but right now I need to work on my personal life both spiritually and mentally.”