The altercation occurred as a result of a WhatsApp snap. People, you have to be careful with what you post on your snaps.

According to the young man, he had been dealing with one of the girls up until two days before the incident. “I had to stop dealing with her, she always wa food, but when the time comes for us to have some alone time she always has an excuse,” he explained.  He had been seeing her for over two months.

Three weeks ago, he received a Facebook message from an unfamiliar face. Out of curiosity, he decided to check out her profile picture. Her size sparked his interest, so he replied to the message.  By the end of the week, they went on their first date.  As reported by the young man, she also asked for food, but he didn’t mind because she was always willing to spend “alone time”.

He kept in contact with the other fluffy, but whenever she asked him to bring her something to eat, he would give her an excuse, but he did not tell her that he was seeing someone else. “I thought that she would get the point if I stopped bringing her meals”.

Sunday evening around 7:39 pm, the young man and his new fluffy decided to go Fluffy Dipping at his secret spot. They were having a good time until a vehicle pulled up.  According to the young man, his old fluffy emerged from the vehicle like a raging hippo and charged into the water.

He thought that she was coming after him so he quickly tried to get away. Fortunately, he was not the target.  When he looked back, he saw the two fluffies brawling in the water. “They looked like two hippos fighting for a waterhole. I swear they were going to kill each other. It took every last energy in my body to separate and clam them down”.

He later found out that they were found because his new fluffy snapped a picture of them captioned “at his secret spot #soontobehubby”. What he did not know was the two women had been best friends and had fallen out because of a similar situation.

During the brawl I could remember hearing;

“You na get this one ya.”

“Ebbree man me hab you want.”

“No wonder he started giving me excuses, I should have known it was you.”

The young man is currently back with his old fluffy who promise to stop giving him excuses and spend alone time with him.