Friars Hill Road Caused A young man to question his Girlfriend’s Loyalty

A young man reported that an unfortunate event that happened to him on Friars hill road, helped him to discover his woman in the car of an unknown man.

According to the young man, he left his girlfriend’s house to go meet up with some of his friends. While driving on Friars Hill road, he was forced to make a sharp swing to avoid hitting a vehicle and ended up getting stuck in the mud near one of the manholes. “You can believe the driver didn’t even stop to see if I was ok. When I tried to move I realize that the car kept sliding so I got out of the car to check what was the problem and I realized that one of my front wheels was stuck in the mud.

He reported that the area was covered with water and it was lightly raining at the time. “I knew if I tried to reverse out it would have made things worse so I called my friends to let them know what happened and just sat in my car playing candy crush on my phone to pass the time,” said the young man.

After a few minutes of playing candy crush, he received a WhatsApp message from the girlfriend who he claims he has been dating for the past 3 months informing him that she was going to C&C wine house to purchase food and then get ice cream with her girlfriends. “I didn’t tell her that I was stuck on Friars hill road because she lives in Cedar Valley and I knew she had to pass on Friars Hill road to go into town. I wanted her to see my car stuck so she would kill herself with laugh cause she loves a lot of stupidness,” he said.

The young man noted that while he was waiting on his woman to pass, a few vehicles stopped and asked if he wanted help but he told them that his friends were on their way. “I kept looking back to see when she was coming. I couldn’t even call or message her to see where she reached because I killed my battery playing game.”

“Shortly after, my friends arrived. While we were trying to get the vehicle out of the mud one of my lazy ass friends who claim he was directing traffic spotted her passing in a car.

“Yo big boss, ar na your gyal that in the passenger seat?” asked his friend who alerted him that his girlfriend was in the vehicle passing. He reported that the car was not tinted so he  could see her “clear as day” leaning back in the seat like she was trying to hide.” He said that they pulled over lower down the road. “She came to me asking if I was ok and why I didn’t tell her I was stuck on Friars hill road.”

“I couldn’t believe that she seriously thought that my vehicle stuck on Friars hill road was the real problem here. I had to tell her na worry about me and my car, just try explain to me who the hell was the man I just saw”

“She told me that it was her co-worker. She said that he was in her village so she asked him for a ride into town to meet up with her girlfriends. I asked her what happened to her vehicle and she said that she didn’t feel like driving on Friars hill road in the weather and tried to use my situation as an example.” Apparently, while she was explaining herself the man in the Honda car called her and she told him to leave.

“When I saw the vehicle driving off I told her to call him back so that I could meet him. She said that he had somewhere important to go so he couldn’t wait anymore.” The young man said that he continued the conversation by asking his woman to explain why did she lean the seat back when she saw his friend? He said that she told him that the seat was like that from since her coworker picked her up and she didn’t move it because she had a slight headache.”

By the time they got back, his friends had already removed his vehicle out of the mud. He said that he offered to take her to town so that she could meet up with her friends but she told him to take her home because he made her headache worse and he killed her mood. “I got upset and asked her if I looked like a fool and I know her friends weren’t in town waiting for her. I told her that she was going to make a bad move with the man and I caught her.”

According to the young man, his girlfriend called one of her friends and put her phone on speaker. He said based on the conversation, he came to the conclusion that she was telling the truth for the most part. “She shouldn’t be upset with me for being suspicious. Any man that saw their woman in a vehicle with another man (especially a Honda) would react the same way,” he said. She told him that if his phone didn’t keep going to voicemail he would have known that her co-worker was taking her into town. Apparently, she tried calling him but his phone kept going to voicemail.

The young man said that although her story appears to check out, he will be doing further investigation into the matter. “Mi na K how believable her story appears to be. The man I saw look way better than me and he drives a way better car than mine so I have to make sure that nothing is and will be going on between them. I worked too hard to get her so mi na mek no Honda man tek she way,” explained the young man.

MUB is still uncertain as to whether the role Friars Hill Road played in this “turn of events” will strengthen the bond between these two lovers or will end up bringing an end to their newly established relationship. It is obvious that the famous Friars Hill Road not only has the potential to damage vehicles. It also has the power to damage relationships.

Please be advised that when you’re driving on Friars hill road be sure to drive carefully because both your vehicle and relationship is at risk. Especially if it’s a “ranny” weather.