A woman living in the vicinity of Villa reported that she caught her neighbour stealing water from her tank. “If it was just two bottles of water I wouldn’t mind,” said the woman. Last night, a little after 1 am she felt a bit dehydrated so she got out of her bed and went to her fridge to get some water to drink.

When she opened the fridge, she realized that her usual bottle was out of water. “Mi min fraid to go outside, but I  was really thirsty,” she said. The woman reported that she decided to go outside to get some water from the tank. When she got to the tank she was shocked to see a hose hooked up to the tank.

“I honestly think I was dreaming, I had to slap myself a few times just to make sure,” she said.

According to the woman she went inside, woke up her 12-year-old son and told him to follow the hose and see which part it ended. The boy did as he was told, he followed the hose and come back and reported that it lead to the neighbours who lived about 5 houses away.

“My son kept on talking about the length of the hose, it was as if he was shocked by the length of the hose.” According to the woman, she instructed him to go inside and bring her a sharp knife. The woman reported that she turned off her tank, cut the hose in 4 different places then went back to sleep.

The next morning, she went to have a word with the neighbor. According to the woman, when the mother saw her coming she “dock” and ran inside the house. “I knocked on the door and one of her sons pulled cross the curtain and said she wasn’t home”. The woman reported that she gave him a piece of her mind; loud enough for the mother who claimed she wasn’t home to hear”.

She now has a big lock on her tank which she bought from VEG.

MUB would like to inform the public to lock and secure all water source. Water is very valuable at this point in time and there are people who will do the unthinkable to steal your precious water.  APUA is trying their best to fix the water problem in the country. For those of you who are unaware of the situation, there are numerous pipes that are leaking underground. These leaks are contributing to millions of water wasted daily.