Dear MUB,

Yesterday, I was at this house party with my man and everything was going well until I went to the bathroom and returned only to see him planting his tongue down another woman’s throat. MUB, I don’t care if it’s a game. He is in a relationship so he shouldn’t be playing that game. I was upset so I went over there and harl his ass right up.

He pushed me off telling me to chill, “it’s just a game.” I had to get out with him and this turtle neck guy who kept on repeating, “that’s why you must not take sand to the beach.” I gave him a piece of my mind and told my man to take me home.

He refused to take me home. He took me outside and said, “if you try that shit again, it’s not going to go down nice.” MUB, you know the nigga went back inside and continue playing the game. I went inside, took a few shots, and joined the game. This man looked at me and tell me that I can’t play. I just ignored his ass and played. I realized that no one wanted to dare me so I waited until I got a dare and I told the best looking guy in the room to slowly suck my nipple until it got stiff.

MUB, he got furious and wanted to fight with the guy and all of a sudden he wanted to leave. The guys told him that he is being unfair and he wanted to hit him so they put him outside. After the guy finished sucking my nipple, I went outside to look for my man but he wasn’t there.

MUB, you see how he unfair. He left me there and refused to answer his phone. I had to wait until someone was leaving to get a ride home. He usually takes me to work in the mornings so I sent him a message letting him know that I was ready and he told me to make my “nipple sucker” take me work.

MUB, you see how man unfair! It’s ok for him to choke a woman with his tongue but it’s a big issue for a guy to suck my nipples! I thought it was “just a game.”