Great Personality + Cheap = Dumped


“I never met a man cheap so in my entire life”. A woman reported that she left a man that she had been dating for about 4 months, over two pieces of chicken.  According to the woman, she endured his cheapness for way too long. She said that they had been dealing for the past 4 months and every time she asked him for something to eat he would either bring her a 10-inch pizza/Chinese food and a Punch Soda.

She noted that within the 4 months she has been seeing him, other than Delightful and New Thriving Chinese restaurant, Sweet T’s Icecream Parlour and Snackette was the “fanciest” place he ever took her. She added that when they got there, he told her that he only had $50.00 on him so pick her meal wisely. “I felt so embarrassed for him,” she said.

“I’ve been with a lot of men in the past and they treated me really bad so I tried my best not to make his cheapness an issue since he was literally the sweetest guy that I’ve met in a long time,” she said.  “However, he really disrespected me when he brought me that 2 piece meal.

The woman explained that a Saturday afternoon he told her that he was feeling very stressed so he wanted to come over and release some steam. She asked him to swing by KFC and bring her something to eat because she was extremely hungry. She noted that it was the first time she actually told him what she wanted to eat.

“Can you believe this man brought me two miserly pieces of chicken. Not even little fries, juice or a piece of corn,” she said.  “Look, I was so upset that I took the food and gave him a piece of my mind. She said that she told him that the relationship was over and to delete her number out of his phone. “How the hell he expected me to perform on an empty stomach?”

She said the next day, he sent her a message informing her that she is very ungrateful and he can’t believe that she broke up with him after he invested 4 months of time, money, and energy.

According to the woman, for the 4 months she has been seeing him he spent less than $200 on her. She also informed MUB that she is currently seeing a guy who was showing a lot of interest in her while she was with “Mr cheapy”. She said that he recently took her out and he’s spent twice as much on her already.


  1. Money is all that on your mind, smh selfish ungrateful wench! I hope you get all the money you can along with the licks, verbal abuse and knuckle! Good luck with your gold digging ways that’s why you nah have a husband but bouncing from man to man. It’s sad that nowadays more and more women like you are emerging with every birth. That guy probably was watching the amount of money he spent in order to better his life in the future maybe even save to get you a nice ring. Women be destroying men, bleeding their pockets then say they have no ambition cause they can’t save to buy the land or build the house. You nyam out the man an them then toss them away for the next man that go give you money for sex # look up the word that best describes a woman that has sex for money that best describes you.