Gym Body Neighbour Caught

Dear MUB,

Wednesday, I left school and rushed home to collect the charging cord for my laptop and discovered that the woman who I’ve been taking care of for the past 3 years was cheating on me with the gym body neighbour. I live fairly close to where I work so it took me about 10 minutes to drive home. I had a 5th form class after lunch and I had some important information that I wanted to give to them so they could start preparing for their SBA but for me to do so I needed my laptop charger because it can’t stay on without it.

MUB, can you believe when I was walking through the door, my neighbour walked pass me shirtless and hailed me up as though we were best buddies. I was very confused but he caught me off guard so my foolish self hailed him back and went inside. I was not sure if he had off his shirt because the place was hot or because he wanted to show off his body. Either way, I wanted to know why she had him in the house like that.

I didn’t think anything out of the way until she came out wrapped up in her towel. MUB, I caught this woman in a compromising position and the first thing she could ask me was if school over early. I wanted to know why tf the neighbor walking out of the house without a shirt.

She told me that she called him over to fix the sink because she realized that it was dripping when she was cleaning up. MUB, I want to know what kind of cleaning up she was doing because all the cockroach legs them were still in the cupboard and the sink looked untouched to me so I told her to call him back so I could speak to him but she swore that she didn’t have his number.

She was obviously lying so my brain started to go all over the place. I got upset and held on to her and that’s when her towel fell off revealing that not only was she completely naked but her vagina was well shaved. MUB, that was very suspicious because I left a forest down there last night so that alone was enough evidence for me to know what the neighbor was really doing or about to do in my house.

I started to call her all manner of names and she kept telling me that nothing happened and I was overreacting. MUB, I’m not a teacher for nothing. I apologized to her for assuming that she was up to something and left. I drove around to the next road, parked my car and sneak through the back alley. MUB, one thing my grandmother always said to me, “Dog always come back for its bone.”

MUB, I watch this man walk up to the front door and collected his shirt from my woman. When I called out to him, he ran. My girlfriend and I had one big argument that day. Later that day, one of the neighbors stopped me and told me that the gym body man had been in and out of my house from since I went away for the summer vacation.