MUB received news that on Wednesday evening a young lady decided to wash her Brazilian hair which she was going to use to make a wig.

Lots of effort went into the preparation. “I spent a while washing, detangling and conditioning it,” she said.

According to the victim, it was human hair; Brazilian straight to be exact. After she was finished washing the hair, she dyed it, hung it on her clothesline and then left to go visit a friend who lived nearby. She stayed with the friend for a few hours then walked back home around after 10 pm.

Upon reaching home, she decided to go check on her hair. That’s when she noticed that it was missing. “I saw some clothes where the hair was hung before, so I thought my mother or sister took it down,” she said.

After confronting both mother and sister, she found out that they had not removed the hair from the line. They actually thought that she had taken it down.

The victim’s mother advised her to report the matter to the police. However, upon entering the vehicle the realized that one of the tires was flat. This canceled their attempt to report the matter.

After becoming aware of the situation, the brother of the victim said: “I saw the neighbor and his baby mother in the yard around the time you left”. The victim’s mother also suspected that it might be her.

The owner of the hair is very disgust about the whole situation. She spent a lot of money to acquire the hair. “It’s used hair that I washed to reuse,” she said. “It’s just ridiculous that someone would steal hair”.

MUB would like to inform the public that stealing is a crime and anyone caught performing the act can be charged or serve time in prison.

We are not sure if the hair thief is connected to missing white fete outfit, but we would like the public to be on the alert. Especially does who will be attending the event.

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of the missing Brazilian contact the nearest police station or send word to MUB. Although the victims said she doesn’t want back the hair, we are offering a $16.25 reward.