“My instincts told me that something was fishy between the two of them, but I thought it was just jealousy”.  A young man reported that his girlfriend admitted she had been cheating on him for the past 3 months. 

According to the young man, in late June, his girlfriend told him that one of her best friends was moving back to Antigua and she wanted to pick the person up from the Airport and hang out a little. “I had no idea that it was a man until  3 weeks after when I ran into both of them having lunch at C&C wine bar,” he said. That was when she introduced me to him.

He noted that when he came home from work, he told her that he had no idea that her best friend was a man. When he asked her why didn’t she tell him that it was a man, she laughed and answered, “you never asked”. He was planning on further pressing the matter as to why she didn’t tell him that they were having lunch together but he decided not to make his jealousy get the best of him.

The young man explained that he has been in a serious relationship with his girlfriend for over 7 years and not once has she done anything to betray his trust. He also said that he works two jobs so he’s hardly home, and since he’s busy most of the time it was good that she had a best friend to talk to.”I got to know him better and he seemed like a trustworthy guy,” said the young man. He said that during the carnival season they went most of the fetes together.

However, a few weeks ago a schoolmate of his who apparently works with his girlfriend met him at the atm machine and said, “I don’t want to cause any problems in your relationship but there is a guy who picks up your woman when she goes for lunch. You need to look into it because I think something is going on”. The young man said that his schoolmate also told him that a few times she would go into the bathroom and freshen up before coming out to work.

“I was shocked when he described the man to me”. According to the young man, when he went home he asked his girlfriend about the guy who had been picking her up. She told him that it was her best friend and he had nothing to worry about. Refusing to accept her answer, things got heated and they had a fight.

The young man said that after the fight she packed up some clothes and called her best friend to come for her. Before she left she admitted to him that she had been sleeping with him since the day she picked him up from the airport and he can consider their relationship over. 

It turns out that he was really her best friend. However through their constant communication while he was away and the time they spent together when he returned they became lovers.

The young man is still heartbroken about the situation and has asked MUB to inform those of you who are in relationships and allow your lover to have a best friend who is of the opposite sex, to be on the alert because if you’re not getting knuckled as we speak, look out because it is coming. “Listen to your instincts and allow your jealousy to get the best of you”.

MUB apologizes in advance for all the “best friends” who are about to be scrutinised.