Dear MUB,

I‘ve known this guy for over 3 years. A day I came into the supermarket where he works and he told his friend that knew me that he wanted my number. The first few months went great. It was like he couldn’t get enough of me. He wanted to spend every moment with me.
After a year, a girl called me via Facebook asking if was involved with  him. When I told her yes, she explained to me that he was her baby father and I need to keep away from him. I responded by telling her, if he’s her baby father, she needs to tell him to stop coming to my yard.

This conversation went on and I hung up my phone. I called him and let him know about the phone call I received and he said he doesn’t know what she’s talking bout. This same girl kept calling my phone ( I don’t no how she got my number) telling me how she’s going to come to my yard for me and layout exactly what she was going to do to me if I don’t stop seeing her baby father. I being the calm soul, not gonna fight for no man type of person, I told her to f- off.

MUB, I kept asking him if he was really the child’s father and he kept denying it. He assured me that the baby doesn’t look like him and the baby most likely belongs to the guy she dated  after him. I knew he was dealing with her before me but he never mentioned anything about a child.

A few months after, another lady from the states messaged me once again asking if I’m dating the supermarket guy. I was like wtf!!! I told her yes, only to find out that she too was involved with him. These calls caused us to be in and out of a relationship over a period of 3 years.

This year I told myself that I’m done with his BS and finally ended the relationship. I met this Rasta man who treats me like the queen I am to be treated. I’ve seen my ex every weekend when I go to the supermarket and I finally got to see who the girl was and all I could have done was shake my head.

Anyway, he kept saying how I look beautiful and I’m well treated and he’s sorry about everything. I recently found out that he had been lying to me all these years. MUB, he did have a child with his ex. I was like wow!!!!! I told him that he needs to stop lying and talk the truth because that lie will get bigger until he can’t hide it. I finally see him for the true nature God installed in him; A liar.

Ladies, when your gut tells you that  your man is lying, go with it.