He Saved My Co-worker’s Number As Calvin!

MUB, today my service finished so I asked my co-worker for a phone call. When I dialed my man number, I saw a different name pop up. She had his name saved as FELISHA. I found it weird but I didn’t say anything to her. I just cleared the call and called someone else as a cover-up.

Little while when my man came home from work, I told him that my service finished so needed a call to call my mother. The same time he went to take a shower so I went searching in his phone to see if I would find anything related to my co-worker.

There was nothing, no messages, no calls, he didn’t even have her name saved. I thought that maybe it was my insecurity getting the best of me but something at the back of my head told me to dial my co-worker’s number. MUB, when I dialed the number, you wouldn’t believe that he had her number saved as a man name.

I went straight into the bathroom for his ass. Now, he wants to tell me that he used to talk to her long time before we got together that’s why he has her number but up to now he can’t give me a sensible explanation as to why he has her number saved under the name CALVIN!

So since he’s trying to make me look like a fool, we are going to take a nice little drive to her house to find out if her middle name is CALVIN. I’ll give you the rest details later cause this man want to take me for a clown.